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Happy Valentine!



I wrote a 'poem' ... it seemed the thing to do. :icon_rabbit:

There are those I admire who live who far away

Across Oceans and lands vast and stark

Whose wit and friendship oft make my day

And pull me from moods deep and dark

So on Saint Valentine's day I'd like them to know

Their friendship and love matters muchly

To this English prole who would like to bestow

A Lordship at least ... or a Duchy!


Recommended Comments

I know what I'm doing on Valentine's DayI'm meeting a friend who's also gayAnd though it once seemed we were set to be loversIt always worked better when we were like bruvversSo we meet and drink tea and discuss this and thatHow we don't want to get old and don't want to be fatBut sometimes hold hands and feel sort of romanticBoth knowing it won't lead to the wrong sort of antic

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