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Grayfaces and Graduates



I passed student-teaching with an A, and I'll be getting my degree on Saturday.

My students wrote me goodbye letters on my last day. Some of my favorite lines include...

"Mr. EC the he has a cool hat." [sic]

"The best thing Mr. EC did was freestyle rap with [X] in the computer lab, then drop his pencil on the floor like it was a mic."

"I thought Mr. EC was really weird at first." [i find this one funny because I thought I was really weird the whole time.]

"Mr. EC needs to keep being a straight-up G."

"Mr. EC needs to come teach at the high school next year so I can have him again."

"Mr. EC looks like the Hitman [see below], and that game is awesome."

One student included a drawing of the ninja turtles, in which he misspelled both "Ninja" and "Turtles". But that's okay - I only had that student for science, not language arts.


Pictured: Mr. EC prepares to serve as detention monitor.


I went to the awards ceremony for my graduating class. No one told me that it was supposed to be a formal affair, so I came dressed to my usual slacker standard (purple and black checkered t-shirt with a large skull on one side, slightly frayed and baggy black pants, a black fedora cocked jauntily to one side, and my trademark macaroni necklace). Once I'm inside, I notice that every other guy in the room is wearing a suit, or at least a collared shirt and a tie. Heh. Oops. It reminds me of my freshman year, when I came to the invocation (presented, unbeknownst to me, by the Mayor) dressed in a similar way. The difference? This time, I was wearing my noodle necklace with confidence.

At one point, the president of the student body came by to say hi, and did a kind of double-take. He asks "Why didn't you dress up?"

I shrug, look around, and say, "Hey, this is how I always look. Why'd everybody else feel the need to change?"

He opens his mouth, pauses, shakes his head, and mutters "I wish I was as cool as you, Civil," before walking back to his seat. I'm positive he was being sarcastic, but the whole interaction still made me laugh.

Anyway, awards-wise, it turns out I'm going to graduate Magna Cum Laude (which probably isn't half as fun as it sounds). It was funny to see the reactions in the crowd when I went to get my honors tassel and they were all looking at each other as if to say, "Wait, the dude with the pasta necklace? Really?"

The Curse of Greyface in action, ladies and gents. Ain't it sad?

Now, on to looking for a job! When I find out what state I'm moving to, I'll let you know.


"We are a new faith,

We are a new face,

We are everything

In this world that personifies change."

"A Necessary Change" by Trunks and Tales


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My congratulations ELeCivil for your graduation costume. Oh and also for graduating. I am so damned ecstatic, pleased, happy, for you.Seriously, you have achieved excellence in the face of the system that would seek to curse you with a greyface. (thanks for the link :smile: May President Obama put you in charge of Education. :wink:

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Congratulations EleCivil - on being popular with the students - a much more important testimonial than a graduation certificate, if the universe was ordered right - and also on graduating with laude. A nice dollop of laude always goes down well, I find.May your beard grow ever longer.

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