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EC vs. The Forces of Exhaustion, Erosion, and Erudition



Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything in here, huh?

Well, I've got a fairly good excuse, this time - with my commute added in, I'm working about 13 hours every day. For no money. In fact, I'm paying about 10k for the privilege of working 13 hour days. That's right - I'm student-teaching.

I've already finished up with my stint as a language arts teacher. Right now, I'm teaching science. Starting on Monday, I'll be teaching not only general science, but for one hour a day I'll be teaching forensic science - crime scene investigation stuff, like DNA fingerprinting, blood spatter analysis, and fingerprint lifting. This means that I get to stage crime scenes around the school, drawing chalk outlines and leaving bloody footprints and such. Fun, but it doubles my workload. I'm looking at 14-15 hour days, now. My 8 hour shifts on the weekends are like a vacation. I'm pretty much a coffee-fueled zombie.

For more of my wacky, school-related adventures, check out the thread "8th grade is more exciting the second time." at Codey's World.


A pothole ate one of my tires, the other day. Actually, not just the tire - the entire wheel was mashed to oblivion. I couldn't even change it - I had to call AAA, who actually had to chip away the old wheel with a chisel. The pothole had to have been at least five inches deep, and it stretched across an entire lane of a two-lane road - there was no way to avoid it. AAA had had so much business because of that pothole that they had a guy stationed there, so it didn't take much time. The mechanic suggested that I send the wheel to the city, so that maybe they'll get to work on that ridiculous pothole.


True telephone conversation:

EC: What are you doing?

Friend: Drinking coffee, listening to techno, working. You?

EC: Same, except replace "techno" with "NPR."

Friend: ...

EC: I mean, "punk." I'm listening to punk! Uh, hooray for anarchy. I'm definitely not listening to Garrison Keillor talk about Lake Wobegon, right now.

Friend: See, this is why I can never tell when you're being sarcastic.

"If ever I would stop thinking about music and politics

I would tell you that sometimes it?s easier to desire

and pursue the attention and admiration of 100 strangers

than it is to accept the love and loyalty

of those closest to me."

"Music and Politics" by The Disposable Heroes of Hiphopricy


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I'm amazed that you're actually paying to be a student teacher. In the UK you get paid to train as no one wants to teach.Techno sucks. Unlike punk which is just ... erm, punk.

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I remember my internship well, those six months of "practicing" what I would soon be doing for real; the chance to see if I had learned what I had paid the college to teach me before I went out, I get that, and now that I work at a teachining hospital I understand the benefits of taking on interns and having a pool of already trained personnel to fill vacancies for your trouble, but what exactly are we paying the school for when we're not there and their job is basically done? It's another of those things you shake your head, do what you gotta do, and when it's over you leave it behind for the next "that's the way we do things here", whether here is health care, education (I love Teachers), Des Moines, or King of Nonsensical practices and parent to them all, the USA.Did I say I love teachers? Oh yeah, I did, and you have my empathy and my support for what is the most important job on the planet--ask any parent.And no, not just because you keep them out of our hair for 8 hours a day...but that too.Tracy

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