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Midnight Adventure at Taco Bell

Jason Rimbaud


So a few days ago, I was on my way home from my hip up-scale restaurant, and I get this frantic call from my friend Daniel. Apparently he was trashed out of his mind and had reached the stage of hungry and didn?t want to drive anywhere. So after a few minutes of his begging and pleading, I agreed to stop at the Taco Bell drive-thru and pick him up some munchies.

Yeah I know, I?m cool like this.

Since he didn?t give me a wish list, I figured I would get him a few different things and let him choose his poison.

I pulled up to the speaker and the order taking guy blurts out, ?Sooner or later they all make a run to the border.?

This struck me as funny and I say with a hint of a giggle, ?It?s not for me.?

Order taking guy replies, ?That?s what they all say.?

?But unlike those losers, I?m not lying,? I insist.

Order taking guy says, ?Come on, tell me what you want for forth meal. You know you want it.?

I give in and say, ?I?ll take a number one and a number two.?

Order taking guys says, ?That?s one number one and one number two. Anything else??

?And two burritos to go.?

Order taking guys says quickly, ?And two beaner?s to go.?

For a split second I wondered if I heard him correctly, did he just say two beaner?s to go. And at a Mexican restaurant, and he had a Mexican accent as well.

But I couldn?t let him have the last laugh, so I fired back, ?Only if they?re hard working beaner's.?

Order taking guy starts laughing and tells me to pull up to the second window. And once there, he leans out?he?s a Mexican youth probably around twenty or so?and tells me I was the only person to not only catch on to his joke but fired back with a comeback. Apparently he had been working for twelve hours and was bored out of his mind. So for making him laugh, he threw in the ?beaner's? for free.

But I might be an asshole, because I charged Daniel for the two value meals and the two free burritos. What? Don?t judge me.



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I did a quick translation into Aussie-speak and I must have got it, because I laughed.It helped that I often interact in similar manner with checkout staff to see if I can brighten their day. It's good to get them to remember you, you never know when you will need an alibi. :razz:

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This is a cry for help - I ran it through my Brit interpreter and it came out completely garbled. So I'm afraid I didn't understand it. I'm not sure I know what a Burrito is, and I certainly don't know what a Beaner is. HELP!

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So Bruin, a burrito is a traditional Mexican dish, you take a corn tortilla and stuffed it with chicken, steak, or any other meat or veggie, add onions, sour cream, avocado, maybe cheese, refried beans and then wrap it closed and eat it. I'm not a fan, especially anything from Taco Bell, which is nothing but American food disguised as Mexican. Now a beaner, a beaner is a slang term that is used as a negative towards Mexican's. It's like calling a black person a "n" word, and much like using the word "n", beaner is only acceptable if used by a mexican towards another mexican.Jason

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