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Ruby Slippers, Fuji-Tub's, and Steak Starters

Jason Rimbaud


Have you ever heard the expression dipping your pen in the company ink? If you have, then you know that?s what they call it when you sleep with someone you work with. And since most of you know about my little fling with Mark, my semi-straight co-worker who I had a year long crazy affair with, you also know I?ve been to that movie already and by the end of it all I ended up firing him for stealing from my hip up-scale restaurant.

You would think I had already learned my fucking lesson.

And I guess you could say I had learned my lesson?or at least I learned my lesson six months ago. But apparently I forgot that lesson a few weeks ago.

And this instance happened before I got my new job, a job I start this coming Monday. Where, by the way, instead of working for 65 hours a week, I?ll be working only 40 hours a week.

So a few weeks ago, a whole bunch of us from work went to Ruby Sky, San Francisco?s biggest nightclub, for an AID?s benefit. We met in the city around 4pm, figuring we?d have dinner together and hang out drinking and such until the show started.

Because I?m somewhat of a snob, I choose not to stay in the Motel 6 like everyone else. I instead choose to stay at a fine boutique hotel called the Palomore, about six blocks away from the nightclub.

I decided to go all out and book a large suite with a Fuji-style tub and a large stone shower with glass doors and a king size bed. I must admit, the room was pretty fucking sweet.

And one of my simple joys, whenever I get a few days off, I like to go somewhere and get a nice hotel room. It?s one of my little quirks that make?s me feel all warm fuzzy bunny slippers.

For some reason, all my co-workers wanted to see this room; apparently they had never stayed in a room that costs $400 dollars a night. One of my co-workers, let?s call him Alex, declared that if I didn?t hook up with anyone that night, then he wanted to come back to my room and get in the Fuji-Tub.

I know me, and just how big of a slut I am, I told him it was fine to come back to my room, if I didn?t hook up with anyone at the nightclub. I forgot about the exchange, and we went to dinner.

So to give you a good picture of how much is a whole bunch, we asked for a table for six, four girls and two guys. Everyone at the table knew that I was gay; the four girls were a mix of single, taken, and married. But what we didn?t know was anything about Alex.

Quick back story on Alex: Alex is twenty-six, straight blond hair, not very tall but quite slender, and is extremely private. He?s worked at the hip up-scale restaurant for six months or so and this was going to be my first time hanging out with him outside of work. And the girls, though they hung out with him before, said he was fun but a bit shy and never spoke about personal issues.

Once at the restaurant, we all decided to forgo ordering individual entr?e?s and instead ordered a shit-ton of starters to share. Alex and I had our eye on the steak appetizer; matter of fact, we both ordered one. I guess you could say we love to eat meat. God that was a bad horrible pun?I?m sorry.

Anyhoo, we had pretty much consumed everything and all that was left was one piece of this scrumptious steak starter. Alex and I both went for the last piece, our forks stabbing into the marinated cow at the same time. For a moment we sat there, staring at each other, our arms steady and unflinching.

?My fork was here first.? Alex says.

?I?d have to argue against that.? I reply.

?A Mexican standoff, how cosmopolitan.? He says before whistling the famous opening of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

?Well, I just happen to have my gun handy.? I state, grinning like the cat that ate the cannery.

?Better watch out, I?d hate for your gun to go off to soon.? This from Alex, who had leaned forward to get closer to me, his eyes sparkling.

?And that would disappoint you?? I quip, leaning forward as well.

Alex shrugs, ?I?m use to disappointment. You?ve been my manager for six months.?

So after dinner, we head to Ruby Sky. The place was packed, a mixture of drag queens, breeders, twink?s, over the hill queers, leather boys, bears, and of course me. As I looked around the club, I saw an open spot at the corner of the bar right next to the dance floor. I staked my spot and settled in for a night of drinking and flirting.

I was pretty much the purse watcher; I stayed at the bar while everyone else danced their collective asses off. And since I always tip heavy, my drinks were made faster and quite a bit stronger than everyone else?s. Matter of fact, by the end of the night, the bartender wasn?t even charging me for drinks anymore.

At the end of the night, right before the bartender gives us the last shot, he asks, ?Are you guys driving??

Alex yells out, ?After all the fucking shots you gave us and all the drinks we had, you ask us now if we?re driving??

?Yeah, shouldn?t you have asked us that question a few hours ago?? I ask, laughing very drunkenly.

We toasted the bartender and Alex and I helped the very drunk ladies out of the club and into a cab, the six of us piled in the backseat in an orgy of giggles and groping.

Once we got back to their hotel, one of the girls was getting a bit sick so I carried her into the room and right into the bathroom where she spent the next several hours hugging the toilet. The other three girls were very drunk as well, and they had reached the stage of annoying. Plus they pulled out the pot pipe, and that was my cue to leave. I said my goodbye?s and walked out of the room and down the hallway and into the street where I looked for a cab.

?Hey, Jason, wait for me.? Alex says, running out of the hotel after me, his bag thrown over one shoulder.

I grin and say, ?Too scared to stay in a room filled with drunken girls.?

?The drunk girls are right up my alley but I?m not a fan of pot.? Alex says, shrugging. ?And you did promise.?

?Yeah I did.?

We get back to the Hotel Palomore and after a very quiet elevator ride, I open the door. We enter the room and Alex rushes right into the bathroom. I remember that I have a mini bar in the room and I yell out, ?Do you want another drink??

He pokes his head out of the bathroom and looks at me funny and asks, ?Don?t you think I?m drunk enough??

?That?s really not up to me is it?? I say while I make myself a vodka and orange juice, not really caring how much that little bottle of vodka was probably going to cost me along with the bottle of orange juice.

Alex disappears back into the bathroom and I suddenly hear water running. I walk in the bathroom and lean against the door, grinning. He reminded me of a little kid, filled with wonder and excitement. He was pressing all the buttons and making little squeals when he found out what that particular button did. He turns and looks at me with a huge grin, ?This is so fucking cool.?

He?s cute, something I never thought about before. It must be the vodka because I?m not doing this again I think. But it does occur to me that Alex is the guy I hired to replace Mark. Kind of creepy?

Alex takes off his shirt and puts it on the toilet seat and then drops his pants. He stands there, his arms wrapped around his body, staring as the tub fills with water. He looks at me, and asks, ?You going to get in??

Granted this tub is large enough for two comfortably, hell we could squeeze in three if there was a party. But I found it a bit strange that he would want me to join him in his soak. But I was drunk and said, ?Sure.?

I take off my shirt and pants and then finish my drink. The tub is filled about half-way so I tell him I?m going out to the balcony for a smoke. Five minutes later I stumble back inside. One lamp in the bedroom is turned on, the lowest setting and all the lights in the bathroom are off.

I ask, ?Why no lights?? I can see him in the tub, the water almost to his neck.

He replies, ?The lights were hurting my eyes.?

I shrug and climb in my side of the tub. And I must admit it felt good after a long night of drunkenness. I leaned back and enjoyed the soothing bubbles.

After a few minutes, Alex says, ?I think I?m ready for another drink.?

?You decided you aren?t drunk enough?? I ask closing my eyes and letting the water take over.

?Something like that.?

?The vodka is over by the TV; make me another one as well.?

He stands up to get out of the tub and his boxers damn near slide off his skinny frame, showing me a good portion of his left cheek. So I say, ?Nice ass.?

He climbs out and looks at me, his boxers still down under his cheek, and says, ?You can?t really say that, you only saw half of my ass.?

?I?m assuming the other half looks pretty much like this half. I can put two and two together.?

?Not even the slightest.? He says as he turns around and pulls down the other side and tucks it under his cheeks. And I have to agree with him, his right cheek looks nothing like his left cheek.

There is a tattoo that reminds me of a masquerade mask, the one that was used in the movie, The Crow. I leaned forward to get a better look in the half-light and say, ?Nice.?

?My ass or the tattoo??

I lean back and shut my eyes, and say, ?Take your pick.?

?Then I choose both.?

?So be it.?

After a few minutes he returns with the drinks and climbs back inside the tub. It had been driving me crazy so I asked, ?Why the tattoo on your ass??

?Why not??

I look at him, cocking my head to one side. He laughs and takes a drink, then he sinks down until only his mouth, nose, and eyes were above water. He then asks, ?So what happened tonight??

?Not sure I understand the question.?

?I guess you?re just a pretty face then.?

?At least both of my cheeks match.?

?Okay, so we know you don?t have a tattoo on your ass, what about your carpet??

I open my eyes and stare at him, or what I can see of him, and ask, ?Are you asking me if my carpet matches the drapes??

He sits up and says bluntly, ?Yes, does your pubes match your hair color??

?Um, I?m bald. So that question really doesn?t count, unless you?re asking if I shave my pubes.?

He started laughing so hard his head went under the water for a moment and he quickly popped back up spitting out water. I say, ?That?ll teach you.?

He glares at me and then says again, ?So what happened tonight? Why didn?t you find someone? Aren?t you supposed to be a huge slut??

?I was actually having fun with you crazy guys, I just didn?t want to think about it.?

?Are maybe you just wanted me to come over and get into your Fuji-Tub??

?Are you flirting with me, Alex?? I ask, suddenly very interested in our bizarre conversation.

He laughs and lets his body float up to the surface and says, ?Maybe.?

Even though it?s dark in the bathroom, I can still make out the nice bulging front of his boxers. He was not excited by any means; it was almost like he was showing me the goods, giving me assurance that should things get interesting between us, I would be more than satisfied with what he would be bringing to the party.

I grab his floating legs and pull him close to me, my lips finding his. He kisses me back, and I know from that kiss that I wasn?t going to be disappointed. I wasn?t his first guy kiss.

Several hours later, after messing up the bed a few times, he?s asleep next to me and I?m staring at the ceiling wondering what the fuck just happened. I look over and see his backpack on the chair. The same backpack where a few hours ago he pulled out condoms and lube. I start laughing, I?ve just been seduced by a younger man. I almost feel taken advantage of?but instead I go to sleep.

So this happened a few weeks ago, we hadn?t a repeat performance. I still don?t know that much about Alex. But now that I no longer work for my hip up-scale restaurant, he had made the offer that he would like to get to know me a bit better. Though after what we did in that hotel room, I don?t know what else he needs to know.

And if you?re wondering which one of us got to eat that delicious steak starter, we compromised and gave it to one of the girls. Though in the end, I got to eat my steak anyway.


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Damn but it's good to have you back, Jason! I've missed all these escapades from you.You did seem a bit slow on the uptake in this one, however. From his first comments, Alex was either coming on to you or challenging you. It appeared you never caught on till you'd been in the tub with him awhile and he?d made himself exceedingly obvious.Maybe you're just joining Des and me and the rest of the older contingent here and simply aren't thinking about sex all the time anymore. Oh, wait a minute. I'll have to leave Des out of that.Please give us more. I love these stories!Maybe we can hear about the new job.ColePS - You know the very best part of this for me? It was when they pulled out the pipe and you quietly left! Bravo, young man! Bravo!

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Cole, sometimes I am a bit on the stupid side...especially when I'm not the one on the prowl. I can be so oblivious when someone likes me, and If I'm not attracted to them, I am downright idiotic. So sometimes I have to get hit over the head with it, but Alex was so unexpected...in a good way.Matter of fact, he just left about an hour ago...after making me breakfast. A feat I won't have him repeat either, how can someone in their upper twenties burn eggs, toast, even the fucking orange juice. Next time, I cook...Jason

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Cole, sometimes I am a bit on the stupid side...especially when I'm not the one on the prowl. I can be so oblivious when someone likes me, and If I'm not attracted to them, I am downright idiotic. So sometimes I have to get hit over the head with it, but Alex was so unexpected...in a good way.Matter of fact, he just left about an hour ago...after making me breakfast. A feat I won't have him repeat either, how can someone in their upper twenties burn eggs, toast, even the fucking orange juice. Next time, I cook...Jason
Next time. . . .Has a ring to it, doesn't it?C
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My boyfriend made me a cup of tea.I was suspicious when I saw the tea leaves floating on the top...sip, sip...Yep he used cold water.I explained he needed to use the electric jug to make the water hot...Bang! The jug blew up, he didn't put water in it.That was many years ago...we're still together, and I do the cooking. (I did manage to get him to cook stir fry, after the first 10 years.)

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