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Almost Two Months Later

Jason Rimbaud


It's been almost two months since I started my new bright and shiny job in San Francisco...you know the one I'm talking about. The job that was suppose to give me more time to myself, time I could use to write.

Well that dream was held up and then smashed to pieces right before my very eyes. I won't make NaNo this year, matter of fact I failed miserably. Oh don't you worry you crazy kids, I'll punish myself accordingly later.

I had such high hopes and plans, but life keeps fucking me up lately. I get up and go to work, barely having time to wash my body much less touch myself in dirty ways. I still know what my dick looks like, I just haven't beaten it for a while. (and it might owe me money by now)

I want to tell you about the guy I caught jerking off outside my restaurant window a few weeks ago, but I can't. Because I'm working to fucking much to take the time to relay the tale. I want to tell you about the old queen that sat down at my restaurant and got so drunk he pissed himself sitting in his chair in my restaurant, but I can't, I have to go to work early tomorrow morning and just don't have the strength to tell you about.

Or the guy I got arrested because he tried to walk out on a $124 check without paying. Or how I walked across the street and caught him in another bar before dragging his broke ass back to my restaurant where I called the police. Not to mention that he owed the other restaurant for the drinks he consumed on their premises before I drug him out by his ear.

And then there was this guy on the train that was so hot I decided to make out with between Daly City stop and Colman street station. So hot and heavy this make out session was, by the time he got off on his stop, I was standing there with a solid rock erection showing proudly for the rest of the passengers to stare out while I tried to wipe off the stupid grin on my face.

And then later on in the grocery store when I was doing my weekly shopping, and my mind drifted back to that hot make-out session with this hot guy that I popped another boner all of a sudden and when I turned around, this lovely old lady was standing there, staring at my bulging pants with a horrified look on her face. (though I'm sure she has seen a penis erect before, I don't know why she was so offended)

Do you have any idea how "hard" it is to do the weekly grocery shopping with a burning erection leading the way? I bet you don't, because I'm sure I'm the only one that is afflicted with man's greatest reflex.

Fuck me, I'm way to sleepy and maybe a bit drunk to tell you about my last two months. So I'm sure I'll just take more pictures to send to random friends and go to bed. Sleep tight you crazy kids, I know I'll be sleeping restlessly.



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hmm Jason, you and your erection haven't turned forty yet have you?If you don't use it you might be without it one day.I'd love to go shopping with you, even if it is just to see the flames leaping from your "burning erection" as it leads you from the frozen vegetables to the fresh meat section.Perhaps I will just catch the train and watch your make out sessions in the hope you will have more than just a "stupid smile" to wipe off your face.What a delightful tease you are. :hug:

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I check the blogs every day, just waiting for posts like this!Every day, I simply find that Camy's still deathly ill. Oh, wait, that's an old post. He's probably back thrumming now. But how would we know?But that post is the only thing that's been there to read, so I see it, hang my head and go elsewhere for entertainment.And then, today, I get you! Hurray!Man oh man, we need more of you, Jason. These posts are wonderful, but way too rare.Here's hoping things slow down at work, and you have more time to spend on writing and tending to your long unbeaten appendage. Or maybe you can find someone to help you out there. And not a shocked old lady, either.C

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I don't know if you are lucky, or cursed. I don't recall EVER popping a boner. Mine are hard...to come by, and take lots of work to make an appearance. Course even if I get one, a hard steely 3.5 inches doesn't show too much. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I'm popping them right, left, and center, and don't even notice it.

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