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Don't Forget the Bug Spray!



Today was a fairly good day overall. I've got a project that has really been much more intensive than I expected but progress is being made on it at last, and that's a good thing. Then the census releases California data and oh boy do I have some more research to do so I can answer client questions when they start coming in. Yes I'm geek enough to get excited about having to study new data make extrapolations on how the changing demographics will impact the state's politics.

Best part of the day though was spending two hours watching my nephew practice baseball with his team, and seeing the pure joy that several of the kids had while playing. It's good to see such unencumbered happiness, and be reminded that sometimes all it takes is a smile to make the day better. His team this year may not be as good in the mechanics of game play as the team he had last year, but it looks like it is going to be a LOT more fun.

You know, I think that's the most important part. Oh, and I need to bring bug spray next time. The mosquitos are murder out there.


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It's easy to forget how much fun kid sports can actually be, if the parents and coaches can supress their own competitive lusts.James

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I coached Little League baseball for a few years. Looking back on that time, a time I loved, my major regret is that I didn't empathize fun as much as I could have. The boys loved what we were doing, and they certainly did have fun, but it's so easy for an adult to get swept up in the competitiveness and the wanting to win.And that isn't a bad thing. Boys are going to grow into men, and they will be competing with other men all their lives. Teaching them how to do that while maintaining their equilibrium and fitting good sportsmanship into the mix is important.It's difficult for a coach to mainting that balance. I think I did, but I wish I'd pushed the joy of playing just a little more. Years later, you don't remember the wins and losses that seemed important at the time. You do remember the smiles on the faces of the boys when they slipped that batting helmet on, or they made a running catch, or cleanly fielded a ground ball.I too can watch boys at play and feel the elation in their smiles. It's about as good as life gets.Cole

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