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It's a good Saturday



Well, the hubbie was out of town for the day, but it's been good overall. Tyler had practice and we showed up a good 30 minutes early. One of his teammates showed up early as well as so we played 3-way catch until the rest of the team finally showed up for practice. I also took the niece out to the park since she's finally starting to behave again. We all had a good day.

Our old neighborhood's little league started a few weeks earlier so today was their opening day. Instead of practice, two of Tyler's friends had games today. After their games, they decided to ask and see if they can come over. Tyler and his friend Adam decided to not bother changing, so they're still in their uniforms and lounging around while we watch DayBreakers. Yes, watching a vampire movie.

For those that have read a specific story I wrote - no vampire Jarred jokes. They're scared enough at the moment as it is...

Oh, and I tried to make Tyler and Adam sit on the other side of the room since they are a little ripe, but they refused after the first gory scene. *sigh*


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Daybreakers is a good movie, though where horror is concerned I've never quite got past the 'hiding behind the couch' phase. Of course the most frightening film EVER is still Night of the Demon with Dana Andrews. My parents thought I was alseep in bed and I scared the crap out of them by running out of the room screaming!

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My grandparents - whom I was visiting in Kansas City at age ten... took me to a new 3-D movie called the House of Wax... I still have nightmares about that. Best to watch those things with family and friends though... nothing like a good scare to bring us all to gether!Mike

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It wasn't the movie that struck me about your post, but the comfy domesticity. Tyler, I think, is lucky to have you, you are lucky to have Tyler. May the closeness of your relationship last forever. Oh, and can I come and live with you? I'll be no trouble!

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