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The Evil Empire and the New Year



So, I noticed that we're getting a Wal-Mart installed pretty much in my old back yard. The problem? Well, besides the death of every small business in the area, it's what they're tearing down to build on: the horse racing track.

I'm not one to bet on the horses, but when I was a kid (elementary/middle school), I was there all the time. Not because I was into horses or anything, but because, as an enterprising trailor kid, I knew that the race track was the best place to panhandle. I didn't want to get into drugs - the main industry for kids in my area - but I had to get some cash somewhere, or I'd be stuck wearing the same two hand-me-down dress pants and free event t-shirts from years before.

Now that I'm old enough to have a job (or two), I don't need to panhandle any more, but still...think of the children! With their parents all working for peanuts at the new Wal-Mart, they'll need that supplimental income more than ever. Baaah...

But enough about those corporate mobsters. Happy new year!

I just got off of work and emptied all the rainwater from my pockets, then went to toast the new year with my family (sipping chocolate milk from a wine glass, 'cause I'm classy like that).

Now it's off to solitude, where I can strip down and greet 2007 unfettered by the trappings of '06, and perhaps a bit of nude howling at the moon, because, once again, I'm classy like that. :icon10:


"I think about this world and all of it's deadly beasts,

And they stand no chance against me!

You see, I believe in love, and I'm sorry if you can't.

Maybe someday you'll see, when I've killed every evil thing,

Maybe you'll believe in me!"

-"I Will Rip Their Jaws Apart" by Captain Chaos


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Okay. Now that's damned erotic. Nude greetings to 2007, probably with your own roman candle, huh? Gonna have some 'fireworks'? Regarding Wal-Mart, there have been several attempts to get mega stores in this area, but they have failed. They have these dinky little Wal-Marts that are not any bigger than the Woolworth stores they bought out years ago, and the restrictions that have been put in their way, for a decade or more, have not allowed them to expand one little bit. At this point, in one town about 30 minutes drive away, it is estimated they have spent over $1M just trying to get permission to purchase land, and been denied (zoning bylaws). I think it's quite funny really. They think they're so hot, but they can't truly win if the whole community beats them back. I don't think we're quite so much into admiration of the almighty dollar here in Canada, because I've heard this type of fight (and Wal-Mart loss) has happened in quite a few towns and even cities.

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Okay. Now that's damned erotic.
I started the "Nude Year's Eve" tradition when I was nine, I believe, so eroticism wasn't one of the original goals. I was trying for some symbolism - starting the new year fresh, with nothing of the previous year still attatched to me. Mostly, though, I thought that watching the ball drop was pretty boring, and I wanted to do something more fun. Stripping naked and howling at the moon (whether it was actually out or not) seemed to fit the bill.
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