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Dear Harvey

Richard Norway


Tomorrow starts auditions for the play Dear Harvey continuing on Monday as the actors are high school kids and they have their oun schedules and we need to give them a couple of days. I'm excited and looking forward to this. But the schedule that the director has come up with is nothing but grueling, I'm enjoying a scotch and water right now, but it will be my last until May 22nd, the day of the performance.

Des, you can still do this, and I think you should. You'd be perfect as the one to produce this, but I understand the other things in your life taking your attention. I was able to get the script and music royalty free if I produced it with students and on Hervey's birthday, but the cost is only $ 100 US otherwise. Ticket sales should easily cover this.


These kids don't know who Harvey Milk was and it's going to be a learning and epiphany experience for them. This is one of my goals...to get his message out.

It can be produced with little money. The biggest expense will be the theater venue, but we're hoping (as it's a fundraiser for the Centers and PFLAG) that the posters will be sponsored by a friendly printer. I have someone talking to the publicity person at the Rio Grand Theater (my venue of choice) to aid us in this effort. Haven't heard back yet, but am hopeful.

I've never produced anything like this before, and it keeps me engaged.



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