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Dudeism. It's the perfect fit!



Like most people - or some people, anyway - I have been searching, nay, questing most of my life for the perfect religion. I've been hunting a religion that was a fit for me.

I grew up in the Church of England (Henry VIII's personal (and consequently England's - it's nice to be a King) religion. Henry was miffed because the Pope refused to let him get divorced when he didn't want to off yet another wife). But as religions go C of E wasn't right.... Yes, there were nice hymns. Yes, I was in the choir for almost a month (which enabled me to be first in the queue for lunch). But no, it wasn't perfect.

Catholisism I didn't try - too many strange frocked men wanting private time. Scientology was okay for the first week, but then they intimated that it would be a good idea if I signed my life over to them and, besides that, they wanted money!

So onto Buddhism - via all the other major world beliefs. But which one? Zen? Too Zen. Nicherin Shoshu, where my best friend lays his hat, is... well, I tried it, but t'was not to be.

It was awful. I was beginning to lose faith.

And then I found Dudeism!

It was an obvious fit, seeeing as how I hang out at AwesomeDude. But no, Dudeism has nothing to do with our Dude. There is (shock-horror) another Dude. And I have joined the flock!


I am proud to announce I am now ordained as a priest in The Church Of The Latter Day Dude. But what does this really mean, Camy? I hear you ask. Well, being an official Dudeist priest, I can perform weddings in most states in the U.S.A.. So, if any of you are looking to get hitched you know where to come (as it were).

It's good to be a Dudeist. :icon_thumleft:


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So I clicked on the link and was shocked to see that the Dudeists have a similar symbol to my DesDownunder Award. Obviously great minds think alike. I may have to join and start a Knights Dudelar Retreat for old Dudes in Australia.

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'Bull', James? I hope you're not suggesting that Dudeism is Bull. It's seldom wise to upset a newly ordained priest. Especially one with a honed beak. ;)

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