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Aids for storytelling



I've been thinking a lot about writing. Today I came across two bits of 'advice' that I found yonks ago and put in a box. Where I originally found them I have no idea. However, as they are worth pondering I thought I'd post them. Here's the first:

Eight basic necessities to create a story - probably, methinks, sword and sorcery. Though they do adapt.

1) one Hero

2) one Villain

3) one object they both desire

4) one journey

5) a couple of sidekicks (generally not more than 3)

6) one wisened mentor (maybe a sidekick)

7) one valuable (magical?) item that keeps getting mislaid

8) one prophesy (or two that contradict)

The second is a graphic that, sadly, I can't attribute. My bad.


I hope this helps! :smile:


Recommended Comments

If all stories followed that scheme, it would become boring to read. That said, however, there are many variations on that theme possible, and it certainly is a set-up for a good action adventure.

You're right when you say it's most appropriate for a sword and sorcery spectacular. Probably wouldn't work as well for an entangled psychologically-based study of relationships.


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