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"Hello, World."

Is this thing on? Oh, hi, there you are!

Some time back, I was asked if I'd start a blog. I did. It got spammed and then deleted. Meh.

Here we are again because someone asked again. You do know asking a writer if he wants a place to blab whatever the heck he wants to (within reason) and especially someone who's physiologically incapable (almost) of short posts is like...well...let's just say it could get messy.

But the trouble with a blog is, you (the writer) want to have something cool to say. Otherwise, you're just filling column inches and word count. (Hush about the inches, wouldja, we're trying to run a commendable establishment here.) (Is it working yet?)

Here, you'll find my usual weird sense of humor and random stream of consciousness. Yes, kinda makes you wonder.

I tend to reply to forum posts or start new topics a lot. I'm not used to a blog or a journal or a diary. Dairy, though, I like dairy.... Yes, I have a profound weakness for bad puns.

I have an opinion piece (op/ed or essay) and a non-fiction personal remembrance coming up this week or next, and I'm hoping to complete a short story in time for a story challenge, with another awaiting a rewrite before it's final. -- And all of that is extraordinary for me. I have a folder stuffed full of bits and pieces of stories, story ideas, and even multiple chapters, but very little that's completed. So to have two essays and one story almost ready, and another story supposedly in progress, is a really big deal for me. I'm very happy about that, astonished, even.

My schedule right now is more like 52 card pickup, so you'll see updates from me whenever the mood and the time strike me. My life's up in the air as I restart, after my grandmother passed away last month, so I'm not sure how steady I'll be at writing, with lots to do real-world. But we'll see.

I'll have another post soon that says something about me personally.

Oh yeah, and where am I online? I'm "blue" here at AwesomeDude and Codey's World. I'm BlueCatShip at my own website, http://www.shinyfiction.com/ , and at a few science fiction forums. I'm out anywhere I'm online. I'm out to some friends and soon, more friends and family. But "blue" or BlueCatShip is only a forum name. People also know me, any of those places, as Ben W., and in a few weeks or maybe less, that W. will be out there too.

I have audio available at Codey's World and soon at my site, and I've done audio here for AwesomeDude Radio, and science fiction fan audio elsewhere, a few times. I got dared into doing a video clip for a science fiction fan video, just a New Year's celebration thing. But that means you might see me that way online. I don't know yet if I'll try to post to YouTube, but I'm BlueCatShip there.

So howdy, world.


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Ha! I knew you had it in you. A blog, I mean. You da Blue, man. Or are you hinting your name is really Hue? Or just shades of the other? You can't be Ben Hur 'cause there aren't chariots anymore. Not here, anyway. True, some people drive like there are - and don't spare the horses, but we're not talking about horses either, are we? Are we? If we are I'm very confused. Perhaps now would be a good time for a lie down. Yes, good idea.

G'night John boy. ;)

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G'night, you emu, you!

Horses? Give a man a horse, and he has a handsome critter. Teach a man to ride a horse, and he's got green transportation. (Strange, I don't recall seeing green horses, but possibly I've got issues there.) I'm Texan, but I don't know how to ride, and I've only ridden once, very briefly. I'd love to learn.

Ben Hur? Cool movie. While I'd love to say I'd look all buff and hunky in that skimpy loincloth, well, I really would need to work out. Er.... Though seeing some handsome guy in a... yeah, sharing too much, aren't we? :)

LOL, thanks for the stream of one thought to the other stuff. Reminds me of someone.

:waves: to Dude. Hey, Dude!

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