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Evil Plot Bunnies



Ever have one of those days? I've been having days like that lately. Especially last night and today.

The Evil Plot Bunnies are taunting me extra hard lately. Evil Plot Bunnies are the sort of story muses that give you vexing story ideas and characters and don't leave you alone. The term's from a fanfic community I enjoy.

Well, for a very long time, the Evil Plot Bunnies have been keeping quiet in stealth ninja mode, and I wasn't getting much of anything done. That's because real life was kicking my butt. Still is, but in a different way.

The last few weeks, the Evil Plot Bunnies kicked it into gear, hopping to it with all sorts of ideas. (Yes, horrible puns, I know. It's me, what did you expect, really?) New ideas. Ideas for combining old ideas and throwing older chapters or scenes into hash, until I figure out what the heck to do. All in all, it's great to have the creative juices flowing again, and to actually write and make a little progress. But geez, now how do I manage this, with yet more ideas and so much not done.

Besides that, I do have urgent real-world stuff to do. Like get an income and job going again. Like getting my own house in order (no, pig sty, no!) and closing out my grandmother's things.

I'd love to write tonight. I have a story idea I wrote some on last night and this morning. I know a lot of what I want to do with it. I have an essay to rewrite and a short-short story to rewrite. I have a short story challenge to write from scratch, a few ideas, but nothing so far that's grabbed me and said, "Write this or else!"

There's only one problem: A friend brought over some food earlier in the week, and last night and all today...stomach bug. I threw out the rest of that food, as good as it tastes. Youch. Bummer. So, I'm about to get off the computer and read a real, live, printed book, plus scribble in a notebook or two.

Not getting anything done this way. Dang it.

I'm really frustrated. I have several ideas, but none right now is grabbing me as the idea to write on for the story challenge, very aggravating. I want to finish a story and submit it. Well, there's still a month and two-thirds. We'll see.

Waah, waah, waah.

Maybe I can come up with a whiz-bang new idea or turn one of the ones I've got into the idea for the story challenge. (If only several of those felt like shorts instead of novels.)

Well, anyway, we'll see.

But yeah, the Evil Plot Bunnies are pointing and laughing, hanging all over my chair and desk, writing embarrassing things in my computer, and making freaky jokes involving garden vegetables and unlikely situations. Also, they keep demanding booze and smokes, and I don't smoke and hardly ever drink. Obnoxious, these Evil Plot Bunnies. They keep thinking of new and convoluted ways to put story characters through the wringer. You'd think, no, they'd come up with some fun stuff and a comedy scene or two, but noooo, some poor hapless character gets himself in a jam and whew, there's angst and blood, sweat, and tears, and y'know, adult situations, themes, language, violence, nudity, sexuality, and...and stuff.

Don't worry, most of that stuff never makes it past the keyboard. I have these secret Anti-Evil Plot Bunnies. You know, plot bunnies without the disturbing goatee. (Right, you know, they're bunnies, not goats....) -- In fact, I have in mind to challenge myself to do a comedy story or two.

Anyhoo, I'm off to read and chill out.

I wonder if I should email EleCivil and Graeme a couple of those Evil Plot Bunnies, just, y'know, for the halibut....


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Oooh yeah! Reading and chillin' out are way up there on my list of most favourite things to do. :)

As for feeding EleCivil and Graeme Plot Bunnies and Halibut. Nope. Not even for the hell of it. They're really fishious, and you'll end up sans 1lb of best bottom.

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When I first read the title, I thought it said evil pot bunnies...needless to say I was a bit disappointed as I read your entry.

Welcome to the Blogs Ben. Can't wait to read more about your life in the quite humorous way only you can write.


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Jason is a restauranteur, Ben, in case you didn't know. He's always looking for new dishes to serve up to his ever faithful diners. He probably thought evil pot bunnies would be a little like stargazey pie, with bunny ears rather than fish heads - a la Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction ;)

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:laugh: Thanks, Jason. -- I might've run into an evil pot bunny a time or two too. I overdid the spices (new spice mix with no directions) the last time I did a roast. The roast was great, but boy, did it have a zing to it! (I would've been fine with even half the amount, but it wasn't a disaster. I'll even try it again, but with half the spice mix, plus roast veggies.)

Chef or owner/manager or waiter, hey, a good restaurant is always appreciated.

Another kind of pot bunny? Well, I don't, but a couple of friends do. Chacun à son goût. (Each to his own taste.)

Thanks, Jason. -- Thanks, Camy.

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