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Pre-Brexit Flu jab. 2019



I haven't had a flu jab in aeons, and don't know why the cat forced me to go.
She's not normally that catty.


Maybe she is; she is, after all, a cat. But I have to agree with her: We are all mad.

Thankfully, I didn't vote for it... not that that is going to make the slightest difference, as the UK sinks slowly beneath the waves. 'Bye bye,' we'll say, and wave, with our stiff upper lips quivering, whilst the xenophobic fucks that caused it will moan that the result 'wasn't quite what we expected,' and bleat 'where's the nearest food bank?'

The USA will eventually get rid of The Donald, but the UK has generations of misery ahead.

Hey ho. We all have our blonde Trumps Johnson's to bear... or should that be bare?
My Johnson's quite happy where he is. Asleep. Dreaming. No! Stop it! I've warned you....

Anyway, to cut a long (but not nearly as long as Jason's) rant short: I had a flu jab this afternoon and I'm not a happy chappy.

They say: The flu jab doesn't cause flu as it doesn't contain live viruses. However, you may experience side effects after having the jab, such as a temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days afterwards.

I say: Bollocks, and ouch, and damn I feel achy and meh.... I think I'll take to my bed for a month or two.



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Last year I went to the John Muir Urgent Care facility to get my flu shot. That was because my primary care doctor had run out of the vaccine. The day after I got the shot I developed what looked like measles on my right arm (the one where I got the injection).

So I went to my primary care doctor and he took a look and said, "You should have come to my office to get your flu shot."

I said, "I called to find out the days and hours you were giving flu shots, and I was told you were out of the vaccine." I told him where I went, and now I have this rash and it itches a lot.

"I've seen this quite a few times," he said. "It's likely that you're allergic to the preservative in the vaccine you were given."

"So, what am I supposed to do to stop the itching?"

"Get some Benadryl cream and apply it three times a day, 9 AM, 3 PM, and 9 PM. It should stop the itching and the rash should disappear in three or four days. Next year go to our website and click the 'flu vaccine' button to see when we will have it available. We never use the vaccine that has preservative."

So I applied the Benadryl cream and in a few days the rash and the itching were gone.

This year I got a flu shot at my doctor's office and I didn't get a rash. And I didn't get the flu. In fact, according to my mom and my doctor, I've never had the flu.

Colin   :icon_geek:



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I've heard a lot of people have had bad reactions to this year's flu shot.  I got mine at Kaiser while there for a different purpose and had no reaction at all, not even a sore shoulder.  

Makes me wonder if it was just water in that injection.


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Jayson, we're clearly speaking of different things.   My injection was given by a female nurse.  I think yours would have to be by someone of a different flavor.



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