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New job!



I got a new job today. For those counting, that makes three.

It's closer to two-and-a-half, really. I've been working in my college's computer lab, helping people with software, checking out resources, scheduling meetings with tutors, etc.

Today, someone came in looking for a tutor in Critical Thinking/Logic. I looked it up in our system, and saw that we didn't have anyone who could tutor in that subject. I talked to one of the senior staff members, who told me that they can never find anyone to tutor Critical Thinking, because in order to tutor a subject, you have to get an A in the class, and none of their trained tutors have done that. I said something like "Man, too bad I'm not a tutor. That was my favorite class."

She does a double-take and says "Did...did you get an A in it?" I nodded. She says "Please tell me you want to be a tutor."

"Do tutors get paid more than me?"


"Then I'll be a tutor!"

So now I'm tutoring for the philosophy department. Pretty sweet. Soon, I'll be rakin' in that big-time tutor cash.

"Fuelling the flames of the fire to torch the tools of my trade

With countless paperback revolutions spouting words that I will never say."

-"The Fuckest Uppest" by The John Ritter Wrestling Squad


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Cool, 2.5 jobs!How are you going to juggle that around with school...? :inquisitive:
That's easy. He's given up on the 2.4 children, so that actually means, with school; he's got 1.1 jobs. Unless you count worm wrangling.I'm more interested in what is Critical Thinking/Logic, and how it relates to mis-matched socks.
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How are you going to juggle that around with school...? :inquisitive:
I'm only going to tutor while I'm working in the computer lab - they let us do that - which is why I only count it as 2.5 jobs rather than 3. I'm not working any extra hours, just doing more work during the hours that I'm already scheduled for.
I'm more interested in what is Critical Thinking/Logic, and how it relates to mis-matched socks.
It doesn't relate to mismatched socks, since my decision to wear mismatche socks was a completely illogical one.Critical Thinking/Logic class is about applying systematic mathematic principles to statements to determine their validity. Diagraming arguments and conclusions in a mathematical way to show how the ideas lead from one to another, and then pointing out flaws in reasoning based on the form used in statements (formal fallacies). Also, pointing out informal logical fallacies on the level of the text of the arguments themselves.The class was really cool. All the examples the professor gave us were statements from local and national political figures, so it was really fun to identify all the flaws in their arguments.
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My little sister is taking philosophy and hates her teacher. He uses too much logic for her and she thinks that ethics has nothing to do with logic. I told her that ethics is logical morality and that she's going to hate it anyway. She's a budding cynic who?s coming to terms with the fact that humanity blows. But she's so attached to her own that she can't let go.I took a logic class for one day. Then my teacher, who is a burned catholic and has an anti-Christian vendetta, went so far out of his way to slam God his examples were illogical. I?d try to refute him, but there are very few people in this world or the next who could even dream of being as passive-aggressive as he is. One and a half hours was all I needed to be fed up with that clown.

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