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NiaD XI - away with the fairies



...and so, in less than an hour, I'm off for another insane bout of writing a novel in 24 hours.

The cat's prepared - I've told her to help herself to food. I have beer and wine in the fridge and a tub of hummus for those urgent snack breaks.

Now all I'm waiting for is the midnight delivery of my chapter brief!

W00T! :wav:


Recommended Comments

Read it? Really?

It's called 'The Unit' and is loosely based around Afghanistan. It revolves around a Delta force unit of eight soldiers, The Black Mambas, who had four marines kidnapped under their noses. They have to get them back...

It's published as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI (Kindle) here: https://novelinaday.com/the-unit

Or, and I find this more interesting as you can more easily read the different versions of each chapter, here: http://gbrish.net/niadweb/2021



This web-based setting of the novel includes every version of every chapter in a form that makes them easy to browse and select and read, so you can mix and match your own bespoke edition of this extraordinary novel.

There are 7,558,272 distinct possible versions of The Unit. So, man up, readers!



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