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For the past week, I've been standing on one foot quite a bit. Basically, cutting down on foot usage by 50%, not by walking less, but by only using one at a time. I had no idea why that was until today.

I'll start at the beginning, I suppose, because no matter how stylish stories that start at the end may be, a bit of sequence now and then can be refreshing.

I tend to not cash my checks right away when I get them. I usually wait until I actually need money for something before going to the bank. Well, I've been able to stretch a check pretty far in the past, but the past few weeks has been a new record. I had, in my back-log, two checks from each of my two jobs as well as a state tax return check.

I checked the fridge earlier today and noticed that the only edible items in the house were as follows:

-A half-gone carton of soy milk (which, according to another article posted on this site, is apparently turning me even gayer)

-A can of Pepsi whose label indicates that it would be best to drink it before June of 2001 (I'm holding on to it in case I ever find a time machine. I don't like Pepsi, but I'd drink it anyway, for the sake of science.)

-A tub of whey protein powder

And, finally,

-A single slice of bread

I was faced with a tough decision - spend the first official day of spring break doing much-needed grocery shopping, or see if I could survive for a day on some kind of whey-and-mustard mixture spread on a piece of toast. Not putting that much faith in my culinary skills, I went shopping.

On the way back, I noticed a sign for a yard sale. Not usually my thing, but a friend recently told me how he found an old Sega Master System at a yard sale for cheap, so I thought, hey, I'll give it a shot.

That's where I found it - a beautiful old skateboard, covered in scratches, but shined up really nice. I haven't been on a skateboard since middle school; haven't even thought about taking up skating again, but this board caught my eye. That's when I realized why I had spent the past week standing on one foot: Balance. I'd re-taught myself to balance, without even thinking about it. It was fate. Everything fell into place perfectly to put me and this skateboard at the same place at the same time - spring break, the yard sale, running out of food, having a big enough backlog of checks that I had some spare cash to spend...it all came together.

It all came flooding back - the hours I'd spent in the summer of 6th grade, skating around the neighborhood. Getting my neighbor to beg his parents for a board so that we could go together. And of course, my proudest hour - beating one of the high-schoolers at a game of Chicken. He made the mistake of actually caring about his/my wellbeing...I, on the other hand, closed my eyes and launched myself at top speed, shouting "Sic semper tyrannis!" (yes, I was weird when I was 11, too).

I'm so excited! If only I didn't have to leave for work in a couple minutes...but I've got the rest of the week to play around on this thing before school starts again.


"After weeks of winter that just wouldn't quit, and the headlines remind me the world's gone to shit, I ride my skate to the park, because sometimes that's all that someone can do. And I try not to think that it's only fashion or that the teenage boys are patriarchy in action, 'cause it's Saturday morning with my friends and we're fuckin' thrashin'! And this feels better...better than it has in weeks."

-"This Feels Better" by Defiance, Ohio


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For the past week, I've been standing on one foot quite a bit.
I was really wondering where you were going with this. My first thought: he's styling himself as a gay Franz Kafka, waking up one morning to find he'd been transformed into a pink flamingo.
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Fate must have been bored to put something together like that. If you really want to see some providence, wait until you find a boy with an eye for sk8ers/social anomalies.I won't be impressed until bigger pieces start falling together.

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I've got the rest of the week to play around on this thing before school starts again.
Make sure it doesn't include learning to walk in a plaster cast. :inquisitive:
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I, on the other hand, closed my eyes and launched myself at top speed, shouting "Sic semper tyrannis!"
Furthermore, I think you should write an alternate-history story with the premise that John Wilkes Booth had remembered to bring his board with him that night at Ford's Theater.
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What can I say?After that opening, I supposed I had better say something.*coughs loudly*I don't expect anything less from you, EleCivil. Life wouldn't be the same if you weren't who you are :P

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