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  1. I was aware of that. Dom's eggs. Find the rare goof that made it past the editor typos.
  2. Didn't he mess up one chapter by inserting a characters name from another story he was working on at the same time as this? "The Long Way". May be an editing goof. Both are great.
  3. Lugnutz

    Graeme again

    If your blog kept you writing before, go back to it if you abandoned it. Get it back.
  4. You both get a gold 🌟 Thanks a bunch!
  5. It was on Nifty and and a couple of other places but I can't find it because I forgot who wrote it. Gay Authors rings a bell. He had asperger's syndrome, he studied in Japan for a few months but was American. Carolinas is where I think he ended up. He practiced heavily with karate. The person he was with was big into art, making it mainly. Junior or senior in highschool. Help a brother out.
  6. A great story. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. The last chapter closes things up. It was at the end.
  7. I thought you might like this.


  8. And it stalled at chapter 20. 🙁 There is a lot more to go.
  9. He seemed to be the native American expert. I keep going back to it.
  10. An update since it's been a while. I lost my apartment and I haven't worked in the last 4 years and was not able to work. I was diagnosed with MS January 2015. But was eventually glad for it. It answered a lot of questions. I finally lost my apartment mid-november and moved in with my cousin. I'm living with a friend and have been since New Years this year. I lost my place at my cousins home but that didn't work and only lasted a month before getting kicked out. It was kind of expected but didn't know the when bit. I'm getting around with a couple canes in my inventory and a walker. A walker is much more stable than a cane and if you remember to set the brakes, a seat. I couldn't do this without the help of many friends and sources, without their help I wouldn't know where I'd be, just not good. I'm getting $194 for food and $200 cash in state aid each month. A little help in the way of donations really eases the suffering. Not sure what gutter I would be in in the time but it's better now then how has been doing and I can finally breathe again. No rent or bills here, just help with my Bridge Card and look after the kat. I'm not putting him out at all. He cleaned out a room in the basement for me and all is well here. I know I'm leaving a lot of things out of this, just know that I am better here than I have been in long time. Jeff Browning
  11. Wow! Heck of an opener. Can't wait for more.
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