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  1. You both get a gold 🌟 Thanks a bunch!
  2. It was on Nifty and and a couple of other places but I can't find it because I forgot who wrote it. Gay Authors rings a bell. He had asperger's syndrome, he studied in Japan for a few months but was American. Carolinas is where I think he ended up. He practiced heavily with karate. The person he was with was big into art, making it mainly. Junior or senior in highschool. Help a brother out.
  3. A great story. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. The last chapter closes things up. It was at the end.
  4. I thought you might like this.


  5. And it stalled at chapter 20. 🙁 There is a lot more to go.
  6. He seemed to be the native American expert. I keep going back to it.
  7. An update since it's been a while. I lost my apartment and I haven't worked in the last 4 years and was not able to work. I was diagnosed with MS January 2015. But was eventually glad for it. It answered a lot of questions. I finally lost my apartment mid-november and moved in with my cousin. I'm living with a friend and have been since New Years this year. I lost my place at my cousins home but that didn't work and only lasted a month before getting kicked out. It was kind of expected but didn't know the when bit. I'm getting around with a couple canes in my inventory and a
  8. Wow! Heck of an opener. Can't wait for more.
  9. I don't think I read this before. It has it all. I very much like it.
  10. I just read this. Holy cow! Very good and heartwarming.
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