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Is it GIF (as in gift without the 't') or GIF (as in jiffy (without the 'fy')???

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Every so often a conundrum of pronunciation arises. This is one of them. Below is a link to a thorough and amusing video on the topic of how to pronounce this often-used technical acronym. Yes, GIF (however you pronounce it) is an acronym for Graphic Interchange Format, and like all acronyms (laser, radar, and OPEC are acronyms; FBI, LOL, and FYI are initialisms; bike and blvd. are abbreviations). Sorry if I confused you by inserting "initialisms" in the mix, but it should be obvious by now that confusion is the objective of this missive. Oh, I almost forgot something to confuse things even more: all acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations, but not all abbreviations are acronyms or initialisms. Acronyms are never initialisms and vice versa.

Anyway, go to www.theverge.com/2016/10/13/13276778/hillary-clinton-election-2016-gif-pronunciation for the video.

Colin :icon_geek:

Okay, okay, you want to know how I pronounce GIF. I say it like jif (in jiffy or in Jif a brand of peanut butter).

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