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Palouse by vwl


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This is a remarkable achievement and well worth a fresh read. Palouse is complex journey that I revisit often. As much as I enjoy reading it, I also learn about writing from reading it.

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I have just reread this after it appeared in Dude's Picks. It was a mistake. I was supposed to be going out at eleven this morning. I started to read it just before nine, intending to fill a couple of hours before I went up town to watch a parade. It is now half past one, I have missed the parade, not being able to tear myself from the story. In addition I have also missed lunch.

Experience should have warned me, this is a story which catches hold of you and captivates you. It is a story which demands that you keep on reading. Above all it is a story that is well worth reading. Every time I find myself reading this story the same thing happens, I want to keep on going, to read it to the end.  At least this time I have only missed a parade, which in all likelihood would have not been worth the trip up town to see, and my lunch. Last time I read this story, I started at ten-thirty and night and finished sometime about three in the morning. Unfortunately, I had to leave a five for the airport, so missed a nights sleep. That, however, has not put me off.

This is a great story and one I will no doubt come back to read again and again. I think this has ben the fourth or fifth time I have read it and every time I have found something more in the story. That is what makes it so worthwhile reading it again and again. If you have not read it I can highly recommend it. If you have read it, read it again. In either case make sure you have a few hours free so you can read it right through to the end.


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