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  1. Also under GDPR data can only be held so long as it can be shown that holding the data is necessary for the purpose for which consent was given. I know that with the data that is collected with respect to the students on the courses I mentor, the majority of data is deleted one year and one day after the posting of the final grades. After that all that is held is their contact details and module result. This of course has to be kept in case there is a query about the students qualifications.
  2. This is an interesting variation on an old Beatles song:
  3. This type of monitoring has been around for years, though I suspect the move to remote learning as a result of the Covid 19 situation has accelerated its use. However, back in 1978 I was called in by my tutor who was concerned that I had not checked out a book from the library which was essential for the module I was doing. He was right I had not checked it out as I had my own copy, a fact that surprised him as the book was very expensive. More recently, when doing a course with the Open University I had an email from my tutor who noted that I had not downloaded software that was essenti
  4. Finis Well, got that far, now I stuck!
  5. This has always been one of my favourite stores on AD. Well worth reading if you have not read it. If you have read it, worth reading it again.
  6. I've sent mine it. Don't fancy cleaning the green room.
  7. Ah the Blessed Margaret of Sacred Memory. I remember her Spitting Image puppet well. She and Reagan set up the policies which have led to the world of Johnson and Trump. A friend who worked in Downing Street at the time of her fall told me that Spitting Image had more impact on her exit from power than anything else. I see that Spitting Image is returning, though only via BritBox. It's a pity they are not putting it on one of the mainstream channels. It might once again do some good.
  8. I keep getting caught out when reading stories by US authors by the difference in attitude over alcohol between the USA and Europe. Cider, over here in Europe, is always alcoholic in all its forms, youths regularly take wine or beer in restaurants and would fully expect to drink at home under supervision. It was only today I found out that Egg Nog in the USA is not alcoholic. I still have my grandmother's recipe for Egg Nog, which according to family legend originated in Antwerp around the time of the Napoleonic wars. The recipe starts, take one quart of fine brandy. The resultant bevera
  9. It sounds as if it is going to be tight in the Senate, but it seems there are a couple of Republican senators who are prepared to vote against any move to have a confirmation hearing before January. My friend who works in the Capitol tells me that there is a feeling that a couple of other Republican senators might have diplomatic illnesses quite soon. It seems that if you believe in fairness, the rule of law and equality between all men you a left-wing, pot loving, queer hippy. I was recently told that my views went out of fashion with the 1960s and the hippies. Well, in many ways the
  10. I noticed that a couple of comments I made on threads have not appeared.
  11. Bernard has not done anything because he is not aware that the stuff is missing. Mike has not thought of telling him because there is just too much other stuff going on. You know, like getting married. Things just get dropped between the cracks, until they come back to bite.
  12. I am particularly glad to see Dance of the Wicked Boys by Freethinker there. It is a great pity that Freethinker has stopped writing. I understand why he did, but still regret his decision.
  13. I just hope you all feel the same when we get to the end. There are only 59 chapters to go.
  14. Mike Carlton, the older brother of film star Ben Carlton is enjoying a peaceful life in the backwaters of Essex working as a technical writer, writing articles for scientific publications together with the occasional none fiction book. He lives in a small bungalow and has a ongoing relationship with Anne, the barmaid from the local pub, who also cleans for him. For over ten years Mike has been happy with his life. Then at two in the morning, there is incessant hammering at his front door, when he opens it he finds his ex-wife and their fifteen year old son on the doorstep. Her only words are "
  15. When I first started to read this story I thought it was going to be one of the dystopian post apocalypse stories that seem to abound on Gay Writing Internet sites at the moment. In many ways it was what I expected, but it is also something more. It is a love story and one that does not work out in the way you might expect. Well worth reading. You can find it on Story Lover with this link: https://storylover.us/?t=CWYSqpOrfAUIbbJ5
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