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  1. I hate to pour cold water on everybody's celebrations, but I have this feeling that you have not heard the last of Donald Trump yet. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that we are going to find him over here before long, just so he can avoid being in the USA. Fortunately, I think it can be argued that Uttering a Malicious Falsehood is an extra territorial offence, like defamation, in English law. The only requirement is that the statement is published in the relevant territory, it does not have to be made there. If that is correct, maybe somebody might arrest Trump if he sets foot over here
  2. These boys are amazing in the level of dedication they have to the art of dance. Just hope they can maintain it.
  3. I found this story by accident on Nifty. It is a delightful story nicely told. Above all it is about love and that is something alway worth writing about. It tells of the love of two men for each other, a priest and a builder/carpenter. It tells of their love for the boy that becomes their son. It tells of a mother's love for that boy. There is also a father's love for his children. It also tells about hate, the hate that some people have for anything that does not fit with their view of the world. You can find it here and I can assure you it is worth reading: https://www.nifty.org/n
  4. You will have to wait till book 2 and 3 to find out.
  5. It is not quite that simple. French, Belgium and Dutch fishing boats had certain fishing rights in UK waters before we joined the EU and entered the Joint Fisheries Agreement. What Boris is trying to do now is to take away even those rights.
  6. It looks as if he will be leaving the White House over a pile of dead bodies. I keep seeing news items about another Federal execution. It seems he wants to get them all out of the way before Biden takes over.
  7. I had a very good headmaster, Mr Wright, at the school I went to, an English Secondary Modern. That was the level of school for those who were expected to end up doing shop floor work in the factories. One day, he told me that the job of the school was not to teach us things, but to teach us how to learn. He ran the school on that principle. I know a number of the boys from my class (all of whom finished in school at 15) went on to get degrees or professional qualifications. Some, in multiple subjects. Increasingly, over the years I have thought that Mr Wright had been correct in his idea. I s
  8. This is a continuation of the story which started in Kaiser Magic. Like Kaiser Magic and the other stories in the series, this is well written, insightful and at time thought provoking. This early in the story (Chapter 3) I have no idea where it is going. What I can be sure, knowing Bensiamin's writing, wherever it is going it is going to be interesting and will be well worth reading. You can find it here: http://awesomedude.com/bensiamin/team-kaiser/index.htm
  9. Thanks Rutabaga. I can assure you the final chapter of book 1, is written and is with Mike for posting in due course.
  10. That is an interesting piece of information, which fits with something I came across when doing some research on a story idea I had. In a letter (from 1700) there is a mention of a young man who apparently had fled England to avoid charges of sodomy. In the letter it states that the young man had "taken up with pirates off the coast of Virginia as they accept such ways and where he can find companionship". At the time I could not make much sense of the comment, but now it makes sense.
  11. It is a poignant tribute to The Unknown Warrior and the importance the tomb means to the British people. The following might give non-Brits a feel for what it means:
  12. I don't know, I can see the advantages of such a situation. It might finally remove Trump from the situation. I have no doubt that Trump with turn up with a machine pistol and spray bullets all around the place, with as much chance of hitting the target as he has of making sense to the majority of the World's population. On the other hand I can see Biden turning up with a single shot 18th century, French dulling pistol. With that he can stay well out of Trumps range and eliminate the problem with one decisive shot, from a couple of hundred yards away. He would not want to get too close to Trum
  13. Let me say for a start, I know that this topic used to exist, because I remember posting to it. Though now I can't find it and it does not show up on a search. Maybe it was one of the topics lost in one of the upgrades. Anyway, this story is in Dude's Picks for November, and I must say I am happy to see it there. I am a great fan of Nicholas's writing, and this is one of my favourite stories. It is one that is well worth reading.
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