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Same Sex Marriage Associated with 7% drop in teen suicide

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Thanks, Gee. This headline has pretty much given me the only smile I've had all week.

Marriage seems to be a major building block in our society so a gay marriage effects every gay person out there, or not out as may be the case. For gay youth to see gay adults in a loving and committed relationship has to effect the adolescent mindset to counteract the ignorance and hate. A long time ago I began to feel that if gay relationships could be acceptable then the haters would have nowhere to turn in their self loathing little lives.

AD and its authors are constantly seeking to reinforce the model that gay is good, being gay is just fine, and must be accepted by a thinking society. The hate for gay people comes from ignorance and fear, as if what I am and what I do will end the reality of heterosexual life as they know it.

I would gladly absorb as much hate as possible to give a gay kid a break from such a destructive cycle in their lives.  Not all gay men want to get married, and I can only speak for gay men, the lesbians are on their own. But setting an example by raising a family makes heroes of gay parents, and all parents for that matter. We need more heroes.

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Just because some of us don't want to get married doesn't mean that we are against marriage equality.
My companion and I have been together for over 45 years and we have no inclination to marry, but we speak out for the right to marry at every opportunity. We do so, not because we want to marry, but because we believe that if its good enough for the gooses and ganders then its good enough for all the geese, too...if they want it. What we are adamant about is that the turkeys should not have the right to stop the geese from marrying each other regardless of their gender, or should I say, gander.




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