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I'm blind and need help


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I am looking for a story and can't remember if it is a short or not. The story ends as realization sets in for him as this is the moment in time when the bomb goes off and people know yet. He was called a liar in the beginning as he does not know the truth yet.


I know I found it here but can't recall the author.

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I remember reading a short story many years ago about a protagonist who discovers that people who are about to die breathe in synchrony. Everyone thought he was crazy and he ended up being committed to a mental hospital. In the end, someone detonated a nuclear bomb in Denver and he was proved right. I'm sure there are other stories with a similar theme of sorts. I don't think I read this one here - I think it was in a sic-fi collection and was by a prominent author such as Asimov. Sorry, but I can't do better than that.

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