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  1. I was aware of that. Dom's eggs. Find the rare goof that made it past the editor typos.
  2. Didn't he mess up one chapter by inserting a characters name from another story he was working on at the same time as this? "The Long Way". May be an editing goof. Both are great.
  3. Lugnutz

    Graeme again

    If your blog kept you writing before, go back to it if you abandoned it. Get it back.
  4. You both get a gold 🌟 Thanks a bunch!
  5. It was on Nifty and and a couple of other places but I can't find it because I forgot who wrote it. Gay Authors rings a bell. He had asperger's syndrome, he studied in Japan for a few months but was American. Carolinas is where I think he ended up. He practiced heavily with karate. The person he was with was big into art, making it mainly. Junior or senior in highschool. Help a brother out.
  6. A great story. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. The last chapter closes things up. It was at the end.
  7. I thought you might like this.


  8. And it stalled at chapter 20. 🙁 There is a lot more to go.
  9. He seemed to be the native American expert. I keep going back to it.
  10. An update since it's been a while. I lost my apartment and I haven't worked in the last 4 years and was not able to work. I was diagnosed with MS January 2015. But was eventually glad for it. It answered a lot of questions. I finally lost my apartment mid-november and moved in with my cousin. I'm living with a friend and have been since New Years this year. I lost my place at my cousins home but that didn't work and only lasted a month before getting kicked out. It was kind of expected but didn't know the when bit. I'm getting around with a couple canes in my inventory and a walker. A walker is much more stable than a cane and if you remember to set the brakes, a seat. I couldn't do this without the help of many friends and sources, without their help I wouldn't know where I'd be, just not good. I'm getting $194 for food and $200 cash in state aid each month. A little help in the way of donations really eases the suffering. Not sure what gutter I would be in in the time but it's better now then how has been doing and I can finally breathe again. No rent or bills here, just help with my Bridge Card and look after the kat. I'm not putting him out at all. He cleaned out a room in the basement for me and all is well here. I know I'm leaving a lot of things out of this, just know that I am better here than I have been in long time. Jeff Browning
  11. Wow! Heck of an opener. Can't wait for more.
  12. I don't think I read this before. It has it all. I very much like it.
  13. I just read this. Holy cow! Very good and heartwarming.
  14. I am looking for a story and can't remember if it is a short or not. The story ends as realization sets in for him as this is the moment in time when the bomb goes off and people know yet. He was called a liar in the beginning as he does not know the truth yet. I know I found it here but can't recall the author.
  15. I've seen that before. Always nice to see it again.
  16. I was diagnosed as a threat from my brothers ultimately that if I didn't do something, there would be nothing left to rebuild. That suited me fine at that point. I was getting worse walking and holding on to things to get around the apartment and I had no answers for it. January 13 2015 Tuesday I was finally brought to the emergency room in Zeeland for initial testing and then ultimately later that day I was transferred to Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids MI for a more in-depth look though. My vitamin D was non existent it ended up being that and I was told that I was going thru a relapse. It was a combination of many things that put me in that position. I had two MRI's and a spinal tap to confirm that I indeed had Multiple Sclerosis. I stated there for a week getting IV steroids for a few days. I was there for one week. January 20 2015 Wednesday I was then transferred to Blodgett Hospital for my rehab to start. I was there for two weeks learning how to do things for myself again. Walking was an issue at the start but it gradually improved. That was my Physical Therapy. I also had Occupational therapy and Speech. I had little use for those at the time. Looking back on it now, they were helping me. They must be used to the negativity they got because they were always positive. I also seen other patience there that seemed to need them more than me. February 4 2015 Tuesday I was transferred yet again to a local place called Providence in Zeeland MI for more rehabilitation and to continue my PT, OT and speech therapy during my two weeks there. It was defiantly more lower key than the hospitals I was in. Most of the place was a retirement home and it felt odd being the young one there. I did leave with a new respect for the nurses there. I seen a lot during my stay. They also spared no expense on food there compared to my hospital stay. Yuk. February 17 2015 Tuesday Time to go home. Five weeks gone did effect me. It was before the meds came and it ended up being my lowest moment ever. I got used to not being alone and didn't know how to deal with it. I did eventually work it out. The new medication helped. No food in the house made me go to the store and replenish the cupboards. I went without smoking during my time away obviously but went back to it for two weeks when I finally quit for myself for good. March third will mark my second year smoke free. On and on. I was walking around the complex with my new cane by spring and went without it after a month and walked around the complex without it. The snow returned and that relegated me to the apartment because of ice and snow. I did make dumpster runs just to walk around. I have my things in the garage here and have eventually learned how much I can remain on my feet. That was more trial and error but sometimes still don't listen to my body. Doing the man thing and tough it out. This was a mistake as I found out. Yes, I had my phone with me and logged the dates in. I know I'm forgetting many things and I'll blame old age on that. To the people who have helped and those that continue to, you have my undying thanks. I still need your help and I know fund problems so if you can't help, I know where you're coming from as I know all about those problems.
  17. I've heard of several places not watching the inauguration.
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