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Imago Series by N R Walker

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A friend suggested I look at the first in this series Imago by N R Walker, so when it popped up as a 99p offer on BookPub I jumped at it. Glad I did. It was a delightful read and a true Gay Romance story. It is not a wank feest piece of writing with a weak plot over the top as so much of so called gay romantic fiction is these days. Yes, there is sex in it, but the sex makes sense, it is there because it fits the story, not to give you a thrill.

The story is that of a nerd type genius, who is a butterfly expert, and his meeting and subsequent relationship with a wildlife and parks manager. It's well told and interesting. The story is continued in Imagines and Red Dirt Heart Imago. Both of which are equally well written. They are all available from Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback forms.

My only criticism of them is that they are all fairly short and personally I would have thought they would have made one good book if they had been combined.

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