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Christians under attack...by Trump

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For months we have had to listen to the Christian right wing tell us that Donald Trump was chosen by God to lead the U.S. The man without morals is in the White House spewing lies to appease his followers who have yet to gain a clue that Trump is hardly a Christian...but maybe this will do it:


Returning Iraqi Christians to the land of ISIS is akin to Jews being sent back to Hitler's Germany. I wonder what excuse the evangelicals will hand out for these actions by their new Messiah? 

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This isn't the first mean thing he's done, but simply another example of his overall meanness.  Almost everything he does seems to be set to hurt people, and usually the people among us with the least ability to fight back.  If this is making America great again, it's certainly not the great America I'd expect, one where we're brought together rather than separated, where the less fortunate have more, not less, opportunity, and the top rung of the ladder isn't made better for the few who sit there while the bottom rungs sink deeper into the swamp.

Christian?  I shudder.  No, this man is no Christian in the sense the word usually suggests.




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