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A Royal Achievement by Solsticeman

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I've spent an enjoyable two days reading Solsticeman's A Royal Achievement. I've almost finished it, but I can't wait to write and compliment him on a gripping story with amazingly well-developed characters and an engageing plot. The growth of the two protagonists is heartbreaking and inspiring. In some ways, it reminds me of Drummer Boy, from another board, but even better. I enjoy historical fiction and this is interesting in that it describes a period in English history that I've not read much about in novels, though I am familiar with the history. The descriptions of naval life and the technical descriptions of ships and sailing, and life in general during this period are fascinating--and sometimes a bit cringe-worthy! Bravo to Solsticeman! 

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I read the chapters of A Royal Achievement as they were posted. It was always a pleasure to see each new chapter as it appeared. A riveting story!

Colin  :icon_geek:


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