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Scammers on the phone

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I get these calls, as I am sure you do, with someone claiming to be with the "Windows Security Office." Not very original and plain dumb considering Microsoft doesn't know who I am...and I never give them my name. I generally lie and say I have Apple products, or better, I thank them for the information they want to impart but could they please call me at the office...and then I give them the phone number of the local FBI office.

Today's scam call was from someone telling me my Microsoft Windows license had expired. That was so absurd I just hung up on them. I don't know who writes their scripts, but the accents are generally foreign. I just don't have the patience to deal with these clowns anymore.  

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There are certainly a battalion of these scammers extant.  I haven't been lucky enough to be approached by Microsoft; instead, I get a rather relentless assault from the IRS.

Numerous phone calls.  'This is the IRS.  We're notifying you that we're filing a lawsuit against you.  If you would like to discuss this matter, please call *** *** ****.'  

The IRS doesn't call people like that.  These people do, and they're assiduous.  I don't call them; in fact, I don't answer my phone.  Every call gets screened, and I pick one up very seldom.  I get twenty calls from business or charities or such for every personal one.  Letting everything go to the machine and listening while the caller delivers his spiel saves me lots of time and even more irritation.  Most callers don't even leave a message.  They just hang up.  Then call some other supposed sucker.


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We have our home phone service through our cable company. As a result we can use a wonderful free tool called Nomorobo. It detects robocallers and when one calls us our phone rings only once because Nomorobo has intercepted the call. They don't block charities, and you can specify if they are to block political calls on your phone (we do). They have a service for iOS and one coming soon for Android. I don't get robocalls on my cellphone; I have an Android phone and T-Mobile is our provider and we were told they automatically block robocalls. Nomorobo makes their money by selling their services to businesses.

Colin  :icon_geek:


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