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"All Mine" by Dabeagle


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Sometimes when I see a new Sanitaria Springs story go up over on Dabeagle’s site I get anxious and feel as though I will need to quick skim all of the previous 104 (!!) stories in the series in order to make sense out of the characters and the events portrayed in the new one.  It’s a challenge to keep up, even though I know I’m going to love the new story just as I do the rest of them.

Well, I’m more than happy to report that a new Sanitaria tale has been posted, and you won’t need to reread any of the rest in order to appreciate it.  It explains itself internally and can stand alone as a great piece of storytelling.  “All Mine” is by Dabeagle himself, and this tale will warm your heart even if you’ve never visited the Springs before now.

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Just finished reading it, after binge reading all the other stories. I have no idea how I missed finding this treasure trove till now. There are some really great stories there, and All Mine delivers beautifully. 👍👏

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