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Who Is It? by Graeme


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1 hour ago, Rutabaga said:

I battled the user-hostile search function for quite a while trying to find an earlier thread, and in between spells of locking me out, it insisted there was none.  



There's something about those words that seems to confound the system. Searching for the title here, even omitting the question mark, gets me zero results, regardless of what options or boolean operators I use. When a site's search function is cranky I usually have luck with a Google site-specific search (e.g., to search here you'd enter site:forums.awesomedude.com after your search terms) which, among other things, accepts full phrase searches when you use enclosing quotation marks. But  for Who Is It I came up blank on Google, too. But with any other thread title, I had success both here and with Google.

Update: Additional testing. Searching here for who is it by graeme got this thread as the first hit. Searching the same terms, both with and without quotes and/or question mark comes up with nothing. Doing a regular, non-site Google search for "who is it by graeme" gets hits for the story on the main site but nothing from the forums.

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6 hours ago, Rutabaga said:

Apparently the search function will not address two-letter words, and possibly not even three-letter words. 


That's not unusual, especially with short common words. You can blame the author for not being more imaginative with his story title... I took the more pragmatic approach of jumping down through the pages in this forum until I hit 2016, and there it was.

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