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There is no 'gay gene' to pedict sexuality


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There is an article in the August 30, 2019 issue of Science titled "How do genes affect same-sex behavior?" The summary of the article reads:

"Studies have indicated that same-sex orientation and behavior has a genetic basis and runs in families, yet specific genetic variants have not been isolated (1). Evidence that sexual orientation has a biological component could shape acceptance and legal protection: 4 to 10% of individuals report ever engaging in same-sex behavior in the United States, so this could affect a sizeable proportion of the population (2). On page 882 of this issue, Ganna et al. (3) report the largest study to date, comprising almost half a million individuals in the United Kingdom and United States, identifying genetic variants associated with same-sex sexual behavior. They provide evidence that genetic variation accounts for a small fraction of same-sex sexual behavior and uncover a relationship to the regulation of the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen as well as sex-specific differences. They also reveal complexity of human sexuality."

An AAAS membership, or purchase of this single issue, or digital access to the article is required to read the full-text article; go here for more information. Science may be available to read at your local library or university.

Colin  :icon_geek:

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