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Inkerman Street by Arapiles

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It's not so often that you stumble onto a really good author and this is a first book! The writing is a pleasure to read, the style is nicely polished, the use of language and narrative reflections on life, the descriptions of people and situations, excellent! 

What I really appreciated about this story was the time the author must have spent planning it out. The little clues and the way eveything, all the details came together, is beautifully done. It is a wonderful and whistful tale full of emotion. Like a clever jigsaw puzzle which lends a certain satisfaction as each piece slots together and which in the end, when complete, reveals a picture.

The story is in three chapters (complete), the theme revolves around a teenage adult relationship and contains some graphic sex scenes. It first appeared on Nifty, but IOMFATS picked it up because Tim obviously believed it had some literary merit, and so do I. Read and decide for yourself and let's us know what you think.


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