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  1. Haha, I'm always up for a challenge @Cole Parker or was it a ruse to get everyone to read your short story 😃 In a small Midwest American town everyone is preparing for an upcoming celebration. Derrick is a rather shy boy, but a promising musician who holds his place in the school band as a flutist. He welcomes the chance to share the school's performance on the big day with his grandfather, because parents have been invited to play alongside their kids. Derrick enjoys a wonderful complicity with his grandfather and they are perhaps closer than he is with his parents. Playing in the school concert together is not the only wish Derrick might like to see fulfilled, the two of them also get to share some surprising secrets.
  2. It's not a summary of what your story is, but an introduction, like the fly leaf on a book, or in TV listings, not so much the trailer for a movie, but an idea of what the story is about. Is it fantasy, apocalyptic, teen romance, sci-fi. I certainly don't want to know the story in advance, I detest some movie trailers which are virtually the film in five minutes, but suppose your story is about werewolves or zombies, I'm not into those kinds of stories. If it's a sexual fantasy about schoolboys in shorts, like something I read on another site, that doesn't interest me either. I suppose I sound very picky, but I don't mean to. It's simply nice to have a little idea of what type of story it is. I like a broad range of genres but I tend to choose books from another site because the authors give that little info up front and there are tags to give more indication. I rather feel here that readers are locked into authors they know and like. If I look at my own story posted on a number of sites, basically, I have only one story. On here for example and another site with no summary intro I received one email from a reader. On the sites with the summary, which include non-gay sites, I got more reader reaction. It sort of indicates more readers picked up the book to read it, because they were interested enough to start chapter one. Then it was up to my writing. Honestly, I do tend to ignore the new stories on here unless someone writes a recommendation. I've read great stories here by recommendation, but for others it's too much like gambling on what you might be getting. I don't know if I am odd saying this, but lots of authors mention not much feedback and it seems to me the more you can do to encourage/sell your writing the more readers you might get. My ideal is to know the genre, an intro, a cover, and a nice to have is reviews, but that's for completed stories. I wonder how other readers choose which books to read? At random I picked an example to indicate what I am saying. Story Title Action Adventure Fantasy After spending his entire adult life going from battlefield to battlefield as a soldier, Trian is dealt a crippling blow and has to find a new path for his life to follow. Its not the best intro, only a couple of lines, but it does give an idea of what I will be reading.
  3. I wrote exactly this to another site owner, there is something missing, and it is a story summary/synopsis. New stories get put up and the reader has no idea what the story is about. Perhaps it would be possible to put a synopsis with the cover or before chapter one. Who starts reading a book, watching a film, without first reading what it is about? And that is something seriously missing here.
  4. Films from the Seventies and Eighties. There are films from the Seventies and Eighties you might loosely label "art house." They break boundaries, are innovative, and out of the norm. Often produced on a budget and frequently with non-professional actors, these films can be interesting. At the same time, they demand you approach them with expectations somewhat reduced, these are not the same as you might usually expect from the cinema. Anthony Aikman, an interesting person in himself, produced one such film in 1972, titled The Genesis Children. It premiered in August of that year in Los Angeles, but was withdrawn a few weeks later because It was deemed unacceptable by the public at large. It remained controversial due to lengthy scenes of full nudity showing teenage and preteen boys. It was felt to be "very benign" by the US ratings board and given an X rating. The film expresses a mystical naturism and is a very earnest expression of naturist philosophy. The script is non-linear and a little difficult to follow. It is summarised here: The plot, such as it is, concerns eight American lads (ages about ten to sixteen) living in Rome, who are lured to a small Italian coastal town by a newspaper ad calling for boys `to act in a play.' Along the way, they encounter a man (played by Vincent Child) who appears to them in various guises: a priest; a teacher; a policeman; a politician. Directed by him to a secluded beach and finding themselves alone, they hang out for several days, swimming and sunbathing au natural. Indeed, this may be the ultimate skinnydipping movie. While there, they have some adventures. They explore a cave. They raise and repair a sunken rowboat, only to have it sink again. They attempt to steal food from a local farmer. They drive an abandoned van and end up wrecking it. Much of Genesis Children is Tom Sawyerish, but ends more like a milder `Lord of the Flies.' On the surface, it's quite innocent except for an act of vandalism near the conclusion, which causes the boys to argue and breakup, some returning to civilisation and some choosing to stay. Also, there is a brief, ambiguous conversation between one of the younger kids and an older boy implying sexual activity. On the downside, the production is rather amateurish and the acting a bit wooden. The cast is obviously made up of nonprofessionals. On the upside, the color photography is outstanding with gorgeous shots of Rome and the Italian towns, countryside and coast. There is also a catchy musical score. It must be said that Genesis Children is not intended for all audiences. Many would be offended by the extensive nudity parts of the film. I would think its appeal would mainly be for those interested in naturism and lovers of unconventional movie making. The film can be viewed online for free using the link below. There is another site, but they require registration, so I haven't included it. https://m.ok.ru/video/88935631530 Link to Anthony Aikman: http://www.anthonyaikman.co.uk
  5. I don't know if this is the right place to post but when I looked at my author name on CodeysWorld home page, the link to my story is dead. I found other links which are also dead including the email address link webguys@codeysworld.org If the same people who run this site also run CodeysWorld then maybe you could take a look and fix it. The site looks in need of an overhaul.
  6. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt10457128/
  7. Sometimes email does not work. Someone sends you an email, you don't get it, maybe it goes in your SPAM you never look there. So cruising the net I saw someone got no reply to their emails, I flagged it. If you never went to the GA site, all the emails were going to SPAM or you just forgot to answer, you would never know if someone doesn't tell you. That's the point of the thread. It does raise other issues, but those are as you say not my business in every sense.
  8. Yes, Mike is posting my story, but I have no idea how the site operates. Is it one person or a team? Really I don't know his situation and saying everything is okay when millions of people in America are getting sick... well I would feel terrible if I said everything was okay without being certain. Which is why I started this thread so he could read and respond.
  9. No, I didn't respond to the post on GA because I do not know why the author is not getting replies to his emails. I would be adding to the speculation. Besides, it looked to me like the author was pissed at being ignored. I posted a copy of the thread here so that it gets sorted between author and site owner. Rectify the speculation, sort out the problem, and check the author's / site owner's email addresses are working.
  10. I was on the Gay Authors forum and read a question from a new author there. The author John Lloyd seems to have been an AwesomeDude regular contributor. I see you here on the forum so I was wondering how come this guy didn't get any reply to his emails? Now everyone reading this will think you have been struck down with the virus. I hope that is not the case. I have published over 15 novels, novellas and short stories on awesomedude.com. I am no longer receiving response to my emails from the site owner so I presume the owner has been negatively affected by COVID 19.
  11. You can't tax a person on minimum wage, by definition this is the amount required to live. See how the US compares with the rest of the world. You know the saying: "You get what you pay for!" But is it true? I live in France. Some very rich countries can afford low taxation, but there I'm thinking Switzerland. I guess we need another graphic comparing quality of life, number of people living below the poverty line. That's 1 in 8 Americans or 38.1 million in 2018. 1 in 7.5 French or 8.8 million. So France taxes at at an incredibly high rate and has practically the same percentage of poor as the USA. You got to ask yourself, "Where does all the money go?" Maybe taxation has got nothing at all to do with poverty?
  12. That is true, but different propositions exist. The government could take equity from the property, thus a house worth £100,000 the government would take 1%. The 1% equity would be cashed with the sale sometime in the future. The argument for the one off wealth tax goes like this: wealthy people today have made their wealth through a thriving economy, it is not right or beneficial to ask businesses hit by an economic recession to pay the cost of the present situation when they will be struggling to recover. It is also not fair to impose the economic burden on future generations. Hence, the payment should come from today's wealth, those who have benefited from an economic boom before the crash.
  13. Some countries, Germany amongst others, are seriously considering a one off wealth tax. You won't have a choice, it's a tax, and rich people who don't like it, won't have time to change their country of residence for taxation. So if it's voted, you"'ll pay it, straight from your bank account. Camy and Cat - Barclays Bank current account - September 2020 - Debit £1000 wealth tax. But looking on the bright side maybe you're just as poor as the poor old cat 😊
  14. £1000 one off wealth tax on 14 million richest people and you've paid off that debt. There's billions sitting in bank accounts, everybody will have to contribute... or you can leave your children's children to pick up the bill. There is also an opportunity to stop rampant capitalism, otherwise known as speculation.
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