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  1. You can't tax a person on minimum wage, by definition this is the amount required to live. See how the US compares with the rest of the world. You know the saying: "You get what you pay for!" But is it true? I live in France. Some very rich countries can afford low taxation, but there I'm thinking Switzerland. I guess we need another graphic comparing quality of life, number of people living below the poverty line. That's 1 in 8 Americans or 38.1 million in 2018. 1 in 7.5 French or 8.8 million. So France taxes at at an incredibly high rate and has practically the same percentage of poor as the USA. You got to ask yourself, "Where does all the money go?" Maybe taxation has got nothing at all to do with poverty?
  2. That is true, but different propositions exist. The government could take equity from the property, thus a house worth £100,000 the government would take 1%. The 1% equity would be cashed with the sale sometime in the future. The argument for the one off wealth tax goes like this: wealthy people today have made their wealth through a thriving economy, it is not right or beneficial to ask businesses hit by an economic recession to pay the cost of the present situation when they will be struggling to recover. It is also not fair to impose the economic burden on future generations. Hence, the payment should come from today's wealth, those who have benefited from an economic boom before the crash.
  3. Some countries, Germany amongst others, are seriously considering a one off wealth tax. You won't have a choice, it's a tax, and rich people who don't like it, won't have time to change their country of residence for taxation. So if it's voted, you"'ll pay it, straight from your bank account. Camy and Cat - Barclays Bank current account - September 2020 - Debit £1000 wealth tax. But looking on the bright side maybe you're just as poor as the poor old cat 😊
  4. £1000 one off wealth tax on 14 million richest people and you've paid off that debt. There's billions sitting in bank accounts, everybody will have to contribute... or you can leave your children's children to pick up the bill. There is also an opportunity to stop rampant capitalism, otherwise known as speculation.
  5. I picked a book at random, or rather an author from the long list on the site, and one of his stories. There were a lot of reviews for the book, mostly good, but not all. Reading the story raised several issues for me about writing and review comments. Perhaps the most important concerns something I have always wondered about - how do some readers rave about a story that others slate? I think I found the explanation and it is this - some readers comment on the story whilst others comment on both story and writing. This was evident from the book I picked at random. The story was a trope, the abused runaway saved and brought to a happy ending. The majority of reviewers were positive, more than positive, it got some rave reviews, the like of which stated, "You have GOT to read this book gay...straight...12, 15, or 120 years old it's for everybody...children, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, communities...everyone. I wish this was a movie. I wish this was required reading in schools lit programs. " I did read it, but gave up halfway through, I had to agree with the more critical reviewer, "The language was stilted and false throughout. The descriptive passages were often amateurishly phrased and the dialogue was, now and again, untrue to the character's rhythms and speech patterns." I perhaps wouldn't go so far as the reader who wrote, "This book was so poorly written I would have thought a 14 year old wrote it. I got to about 55% complete and shut it down. This is one of the worst written books I have ever tried to read. It is a shame because I really wanted to read it." It was not the worst written book I ever tried to read, but I did stop halfway through. So why such polarity in reader comments? I think it is as another reviewer commented, "The only qualm I have is that it is indeed somewhat clumsily written. The plot and the emotions the story brings out, however, more than make up for that." The majority rated the story on the tale being told whilst some others could not overlook the poor dialogue and not so great writing. The poor dialogue raised for me the obvious point that it is difficult for an author who is sixty plus years old to write teenage dialogue. If they can, they have a good memory or are great life observers. However, simply recalling one's own youth does not allow you to easily set a story in modern times. If you are an author in your sixties or older, you certainly never had a mobile/cell phone and sent text messages all day long! I personally can't totally ignore the writing for the story, because there is pleasure in reading a well crafted novel which lies not only in the story but the use of language. I can forgive poor grammar and not so great construction for a good story, but I can't forgive a novel that attempts to create a real life drama and fails because it is unbelievable. We, the readers, can be asked to suspend belief for the sake of fiction, but not to the extent that the characters are rendered unreal because the teenagers speak and even act like adults and not teens. There are after all hundreds of stories with the same theme to read. Why are so many readers happy to read what I and a few others find problems with? They identify with the situation, they enjoy the emotion, and the rest doesn't matter. They have a point, which is why I got halfway through, I just couldn't make it to the end, despite the story.
  6. A fantasist is a crafter of fantasy and this was a nice voyage into the world of make-believe.
  7. Best to avoid pulling the lever on the slot machine or as it's otherwise known, the one armed bandit. Stay at home, keep your distance, and wear a mask. You have to think of the numbers: 5% get those three lemons and die. Do nothing and in America that's more than 16 million deaths!
  8. Talo Segura


    I can recommend his latest: And Time Stood Still https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/incest/and-time-stood-still There are picture albums to accompany these stories and he will gladly send them to you. Apparently he is Italian and was brought up speaking a regional language: Venetian (vèneto). Venetian is a Romance language spoken by about 2 million people mainly in Venice and the surrounding area, and also in Trieste, Croatia, Slovenia, Mexico and Brazil. The language is more closely related to French and Spanish than it is to Italian. He also learnt English, French, and of course, Italian. An avid sailor who as cruised the world.
  9. Nigel, You say, "even on my iMac" so you have tried this on different computers? If yes, do both computers use the same browser/operating system? I can confirm the buttons work normally using Android and a Samsung browser. I suggest you log the problem in the HELP section of the forum. You need to state computer, operating system, and browser. They reply quite quickly.
  10. That I am sorry to say is America. They also uphold the right to bear arms so they can shoot people. However, although of little comfort to anyone, those demonstrations are not restricted to the US, right wing Germans have taken to the streets to demonstrate against restricting their freedom.
  11. There are noticeable societal differences between countries, evident when watching the news, which is largely dedicated to the pandemic. Part of the television news format is to show personal stories. What is different, looking at the UK and France, close European countries, is the approach. On the UK news we see images of people who have died after contracting the virus, accompanied by a brief orbituary. On the French news we see images of people who have survived, accompanied by a brief history of their experience.
  12. How long can you keep people locked up before they rebel? Police break up dancing on the streets of Paris.
  13. In Gay Authors there are two buttons A+ and A- they are in a bar at the top of each chapter. A+ increases the text size. The other buttons allow toggling between light and dark background and adding paragraph indents. If the text is tiny you probably have it set to A- so just hit A+ several times until it is big enough.
  14. To add to your stories list, he has another book I really enjoyed: https://gayauthors.org/story/richie-tennyson/self-portraits/ which I recommend, because it's a gay boy struggling about being gay, nothing new of course, except it is new, the story is different.
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