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  1. The first paragraph of my comment is a complaint about how you treated the reviewer who had valid points which he demonstrated by reference to the story, showing why he found it simplistic, etc. The second paragraph is my own review, which also dismisses a three word comment and a single sentence as both being "pretty much rubbish," because neither says why it was super or why it was wonderful and had a great ending. Trashing the writer, only as regards this short story, which is difficult to imagine as being put forward as a great example from the past. "Denigrating" those who sai
  2. Rutabaga gave an honest review and evoked an unwarranted negative reaction, "got out of the wrong side of bed," "runs hot and cold." The sort of comments that belong with the Excelsior team, Tom's father, and the coach. It's valid to give a different review, it's valid to make an observation about a review and by demonstration make a different point, but silly remarks about a reviewer and an opinion expressed and explained are out of order. The short story was very simplistic, totally unbelievable, and read like it was penned in five minutes whilst drinking a cup of coffee. Previous comme
  3. Great video, the question asked at the end: "will this come crashing down?" Like, is it some bubble which is going to suddenly burst? You could pose the same question about the stock market. Digital art NFTs are most probably a much better investment. I wish I got an original for $1!
  4. Digital art is art, like any other, it exists and NFTs allow the unique creation to be, well, unique. It cannot be copied, but can be bought and sold just like any work of art, it exists. Michael Joseph Winkelmann created his collage of 5000 digital images the "Everydays" series which sold for $69.3 million at Christie's, the highest price paid for an NFT and the third-most expensive work by a living artist. The future is here and it is now, digital art under various names started way back in 1960, you might say it has now, come of age! You appreciate art, or not, in its many a vari
  5. Coming here made me think of the blog I read. With a wink and smile.. Old people make me smile. I gravitate to them. They remind me of simpler times in my life, when my Grandparents were still alive. I love it when an old man catches my eye in the grocery store and, with a wink, he pauses for a moment to tell me a joke. A joke expertly delivered, I might add. When that happens … I know that this moment – this one moment – is his one opportunity to tell his joke to someone new. I also know it’s quite possible the wife is sick and tired of hearing the same joke
  6. Reading a recent story comment incited me to compile this probably totally useless list of terms for those phones almost everyone carries around. cell phone - USA (because the network comprises small sectors or cells) mobile phone - UK (because it moves with you and isn't fixed by a wire) portable phone - France (because you carry it around, think Porter!) GSM phone - Netherlands (because, well, this says it all: The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the protocols
  7. @Merkin thank you for the recommendation. Great story, well written, engrossing. Good characterisation, great dialogue, and as you say - "A beautiful rendition of the moment of gay realization."
  8. The short story is not real, it is fiction, a fantasy contrived to entertain and excite emotions, it is not a very plausible scenario and the idea that these stories somehow evoke actual life needs debunking. In a recent article by Comicality he explains the nature of his own writing from almost two decades ago: "I've discovered while writing my own stories over the years, is the 'lacking' presence of added depth when I only have one situation going on from beginning to end... when I'm focused on two boys and one issue, the theme of the story itself feels really basic and seems to fall 'flat'
  9. Tell me it's the seventies, right? I'm reading The Poet's Tale, The Doobie Brothers, Emerson Lake and Palmer, A Clockwork Orange wall poster, smoking a bong. That is so freaking great. Love the story, love chapter three, very hot! What a great idea to revisit old stories and allow me to discover such great writing and a whole other epoch brought to life so vividly.
  10. I read the two chapters and was pleasantly surprised about how well written the story was. Regarding the sexual relationship with his father which appears to have been going on for sometime, but since when, at what age all this started, that is unclear. I thought the author explored the situation in a realistic way without sensationalism or graphic exploitation. If I were to make any critical comment, it would be only that the father is somewhat undefined as a character. He has a few personality traits that do nothing to endear him (ignoring for a moment what is going on in the bedroom), and i
  11. Incest taboos are often said to be universal – and sex with a close relative (one’s parent, child, or sibling) is widely considered particularly depraved. And yet incest also seems to be everywhere: think Game of Thrones, Brookside, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale. It is also a trope in gothic horror. Whether familial sexual relationships are indeed considered to be incestuous (that is, illegal, even criminal) or not depends on the social and cultural context. Moreover, attitudes to incest tend to be gendered and heteronormative. There is also the story of Lot’s daughters in Genesis 19, sedu
  12. This proves that any comments are better than no comments, because it pushed me to read the story. No, I didn't find it depressing. I thought it was a great story that illustrated triumph over adversity. Ryan had the strength of character to stand up against his mother and Cody was able to take the lead and make their relationship happen. The author kept the tension going throughout, I was worried about Ryan, concerned about Cody and school, was it genuine? I was fretting about what Ryan's mother might do and even worried about the dog! The story and plot overcame some little writing hicc
  13. https://forums.awesomedude.com/topic/17438-new-for-2021
  14. Do you think that people's perceptions of the rule of order, law and order, is dictated by the history of the country they live in? Until today no one in America imagined a popular uprising to overthrow the government, or take power, was possible. In Britain the closest that country came to something similar were the miners strike, a war with the Conservative government of Thatcher. In France, in 1968, the people took to the streets the government collapsed, the country was changed forever and a new republic emerged. In Catalonia the "regional" government of a nation under Spanish rule de
  15. You focus everything on Trump, he is only the figurehead, the man who symbolises and expresses the discontent of half the nation. I think it is dangerous to believe that by getting rid of the president, you solve the problem and magically everyone is united. The country is divided, the extremists are at the far end of the spectrum, but the problems in America run much deeper than Trump and the minority of his extremist followers. It is the root causes that need to be addressed. I watched a very interesting documentary on Boris Johnson, he like Trump is a self serving opportunist who uses
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