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I have created a small (very small) website, the aim of which is to offer free (gay themed) ebooks available to download. The site will host any quality books that authors care to make available to readers. Whilst I started the site to make my own book available, it was because I could find no existing sites offering this possibility. There are the commercial sites, but this new site intends to offer books for free, hence the name The Gay Fiction Library

Don't expect too much, there are currently three books available (Milo by Talo Segura, Dancing Bare by Rigby Taylor, Mortaumal by Rigby Taylor) from two authors (including myself), but it may grow, certainly I shall be adding stories, as and when I can. If an author would like to create an ebook for the library, then I may be able to do this. It is however a library, the books are available free. There is no requirement to join, you go there and pick up the book you want. For Kindle and epub formats.


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The Gay Fiction Library has a new book on the shelves for you to download free.

A first book by a new author.

Inkerman Street by Arapiles.

It's not so often that you stumble onto a really good author and this is a first book! The writing is a pleasure to read, the style is nicely polished, the use of language and narrative reflections on life, the descriptions of people and situations, excellent!  The little clues and the way eveything, all the details came together, is beautifully done. It is a wonderful and whistful tale full of emotion. Like a clever jigsaw puzzle which lends a certain satisfaction as each piece slots together and which in the end, when complete, reveals a picture.



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