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This story is well worth checking out, the writing is excellent if you are willing to forgive the differences occasioned by an author for whom English is not the mother tongue. Nevertheless, what counts is the story and plot and how it's put together.


They say misfortunes never come singly. For me, my parents' divorce came along with the news that I would be leaving my town, the country I'd been raised in, and the best friend I'd grown to love, all at a moment's notice. From that point on, it was a race against time to lay it all out and bring myself to tell Noah how I really felt about him.


Our protagonist ends up in Argentina and Noah is a remnant of the past who he has left behind. The description of adapting to a new life, a new culture, another language is very real and there is also a certain person to deal with. This all becomes apparent on his eighteenth birthday...

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