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2 poems from my buddy


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These two poems are from my buddy Steve Dammann.


Paralysis of ambition,

The number one killer

Game, set, match

Before the first serve

That joke we know too well

The business of life

Became a life of business

A corporate electric fence

and no access code.

There's no denying your passion

or ignoring the problem

Star in the sky

hanging from a branch

An old fashioned way

to snuff out the candle

that burns at both ends.


Fashionable casual disconnection

to not care is cool

walkways with no feeling

lead us into this emptiness

satisfaction is questionable

when their eyes meet

fault the molding hands

evil digits and minds

creating a game

out of sincerity

a caring facade carving

dominos and dice out of

what could be

but isn't

due to your mismanagement

materialistic businesslike demeanor

a human appearance

with a denied soul

is a human being no longer.

Steve Dammann, '05



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