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I'm worried or rather mad

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hey you!!!

nice to meet you all, I'm Kivrin and I have a "little" problem that may be someone has experienced before and I hope you can give me soem advice.

I got involved with one of my best friends las summer and then I've undestand we both are bisexuals what isn't a moral problem for us.

in fact I had always thought I was bisexual but to see it so clearly is a really new feeling. well the main fact is that our friends accepted the news fastly and my parents reacted nice enough, i think. ok, they don't think it is going to go on for a long time but they don't criticise me. but her parents are our worse nightmare...she has been a little rude at me since we were introduced when my girlfriend and I were just that...friends. but a few months ago my friend told her about our relationship and huh...that wasn't definitely a good idea. nowadays, to be honest she isnt rude or mad at me....she hates me. I don't know what to do I love my baby and dunno what to say what to do....I don't know how to explain her mother that I just want to make her daughter happy.....anda that i haven't tried to seduce her, we just fell in love for eacho otrher at the same time...

I'm so lost....anyone could help me to find the right words? she is trying to hide my girl from me!

kivrin xxx

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Hi Kivrin...

Wow... sounds like a classical problem. When it comes to typical (heterosexual) relationships, it is hard for all parties... to feel the same. That is the lovers, the parents, the friends. It is the same for gay or bi relationships but increasingly so.

My advice would be for the two of you to focus on one another. Since you emphasize that you are both 'bi-sexual' it is natural for others to believe it may not last.. and that you may 'fall' for a boy and get married... leaving your girlfriend alone... or vice-versa. You didn't say how old you are so it hard to judge a response. Age and experience in life plays an important part on how we react to these situations.

Kivrin... we are primarily a literary site with stories by, for and/or about gay and bi-sexual youth and many of the problems you face are reflected in stories we publish. I am sad and sorry to say, we don't have any stories at the moment, written by or about lesbian or bi-sexual girls. I think the title of the site AwesomeDUDE.com doesn't really attract many gay or bi girls.

Thanks for dropping by and I wish you the best with your problem.

BTW for the record - we DO welcome posts from, for or about gay or bi or transgendered youth of any gender!

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thanx for your reply, well I have to admit that we are young and it is a reason they can use to prove we are just confused little girls but I've been with some boys and she has too, now i'm 16 and she's 18.

i don't think i'm lesbian 'cause I still like boys, we both do and we talk about good-looking guys as ever. the difference is that in the last 6 months we've discovered that we like each other and we feel confortable and there is a sexual atraction too.

we don't live in the same city so we can't see us every day but we want to be together and it wasn't a problem until her mother started suspecting about me. she has removed my girlfriends modem so we can't talk by e-mail nor chat. she has told her taht she won't pay more mobile credit or any phone calls to my city so now we can hardly get in contact. the last time I could go to visit her her mother didn't allow her to sleep with me at the hotel..........isn't it ridiculous? If I wanted to have sex with her we could do it 18 hours a day and then go to sleep alone in the hotel :roll:

I supose the best thing we can do is to get a job and leave home but studies are another problem and I don't want her to go though this without a family to hold her.

may be I can post any of my poems...but I should do some changes, and translating them of course. I'd try it if you want to have bi or lesbian fics.

thanx !!

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You're welcome to submit your poems and stories.

For the poems, it would be good to translate them into English; please do. However, some readers might like them in your original language.

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