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... my Blog has been removed as of today. I'm sure it won't be missed.

My website remains and in fact it was extensively updated today, but it will very likely be the next to go, though I am not sure of the timetable. I do promise two weeks notice just as I did with my Blog.

There are more changes in the works, and I will share some of them with you guys here as they become available. Most of you have been very supportive on the boards, and some precious few via e-mail and I appreciate that.

I hate change, but sometimes it's necessary. People and/or their lives change and sometimes it's necessary to reevaluate -- sometimes that means moving on to something new and leaving the old behind. Other times it just means some minor changes for a whole new outlook.

Life is always in a state of flux, turmoil, entropy, and chaos. Four words mean almost but not quite the same thing. I really like awesomedude and our favourite King Dude The First and plan on sticking around as long his majesty is willing to put up with me so don't take this post as a "My God, He's Leaving" post. It's not time for that, yet.

But I've become close to some of my fellow adults* here and I feel like I need to warn you all, change is coming


* Not that we all necessarily act like adults all the time. After all, growing up sucks sometimes.

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Hey SS--

Change is inevitable, always a little (or a lot) scary, and frequently beneficial. The rule is, change or be changed.

Btw, really liked the new tale--Fan in the Stands. I'm so very not a sports fan...when the Seahawks were threatening to leave town if we didn't build them a new stadium, I was one of those with a bumpersticker on my car that said "Go SeaHawks! and take the Mariners with you." So it was fascinating to me to read about the private life of a dedicated sports fan...who knew there was so much involved? Thanks for sharing that peek into a mysterious world.



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Change can be a good thing. Throughout the 1970s, I was really active as a science-fiction and comic book fan, and published all kinds of small-circulation fanzines, participated in geeky conventions, and all that kind of crap.

Now, I can look back on that burst of creative activity and realize, what I was really doing was trying to submerge my social life. In other words, I was doing all that crap to avoid admitting to myself that I was gay, and going out and getting laid and having relationships -- which is what I should've been doing.

Sometimes, we set up things in our life that are little more than distractions to keep us from addressing the real things that are important: friends, family, social life, relationships, having a decent career. I think it's important to try to maintain some kind of a balance between all of these, but that's something with which I struggle every day -- unsuccessfully!

Best of luck to you in getting your priorities addressed. And I hope all the changes are for the better.

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