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Sweet Picnic

I want to lay you down in fields of grasses

Spread you out beneath a succulent sun;

Pluck your sweet flower and nibble your berries

Picnic upon you while the day never ends.

You are my ripe blossom and I?ll be your bee

Suck out your sugar to hide in my hive,

I?ll eat you till Sunday and savor the cream

Eat every portion and lick the plate clean.

You whisper dear somethings and murmur my name,

Closing eyes against both passion and sun;

Tip back your head and bare your throat to the beast

Who growls and beseeches, craven with love.

With Sun as my witness, prostrate before you

I beg, I demand, I insist and I adore;

I eat all your sweets and lick up your honey,

Your food is too filling but I must have more.

Oh, you need say nothing, but say it again

Tell me and plead me and offer your treats,

For I want your Always, your beauty, your meats;

Greedy, I am hungry, craving your sweets.


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Oaklawn Valentine

Valentine?s night on the Strip:

Men holding hands, lights on the vine

Red, green, walk; lover beside you

Girls with baskets of roses

Red, pink, white; all cellophane snug

Drink in my hand, I watch them pass

Promenade, hearts on display

Darkness descending, moon on high

Laughing men, smile pretty boys

Pair of dykes with eyes for no one

Paper hearts, moonbeams and roses:

Oaklawn for Lovers, for loveless,

For shame; all I am thinking

As, distant, I watch the loving,

Is how long since I had flowers

Take me to bed, O gibbous Moon

And sing me those songs, like I?m a child

I look and I listen but Things are beyond me

So I down my drink, pay the tab

Buy a white rose for my pillow

And wend my wild way home, Alone.


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What Valentine?s Day Means To Me


Candy cuddled in brown crinkle paper

Sugared poison and careless calories

Chocolates so sweet that they eat you alive;

Heart shaped boxes like cute little coffins.

Death and Love, so intimately entwined,

Stupid Cupid and his round little ass;

Red bunting everywhere like sloppy blood

Gilt and crimson swath those candy caskets.


Beat heart

Love dart

Eat heart:

You bit my love muscle

Though you hardly noticed.

Valentine?s Day has killed me twice, and yet

I stand here still breathing, seeming alive;

That once, I was sure I had succeeded

You, oh, you, I cannot ever forgive.

Yes, I know why you broke down my window

But you?ll never know what you yanked me from:

I died happy that day in the sunshine

The pain was worth it; the light was perfect.

Damn you

Fuck you

Blame you

Hate you:

I woke up in ER

And your guilt was my wound.

And now, we never speak, your eyes are glass

I am your cold burden; you are my debt

Double damn you for thinking I owe you

For pulling me back, for dousing that light.

Of all the men, I have loved you the most

The longest, the hardest and the deepest;

You are my brother and my heart?s desire,

Is that the sin for which you snatched me back?

Sugar hearts

Candy kiss

Arrow shot

Lucky miss:

Delicious Valentine,

For once, my heart is mine.


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I Eat Roses

Taste of cupid

Tart on the tongue

Boys in tight jeans

And me with none

Cigarette smoke

Gin in the glass

Traffic music

Moving on past

My ghost boyfriends

Love in the park

Lone memory

Lost in the dark

Alone in crowds

I eat roses

And memories

Under your noses

No kiss for me


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