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I've been asked for some help, and have no idea


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I've been contacted by someone who is not only an aspie, but a lesbian with hermaphrodite aspects, not fully developed. She is really depressed and cannot find anyone who is the same. She is looking to at least talk to someone who is similar. If anyone on here has the slightest idea of a contact she could make, or support group she could locate, I would be grateful for the information. She lives in Arizona and is in her 40's.

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Hi Trab,

Of those characteristics, I would think Asperger's is not really related, but of course an Asperger's support group near there would help.

She should be able to find support among other lesbians in the LGBT community somewhere near her, and that may provide connections for intersexed people too.

Intersex seems to be the more favored term now for any form of hermaphrodism, but look for hermaphrodite too. A top-down search (national -> state -> local) might give faster results than a bottom-up (local -> state -> national) search. I don't know the size of the community for folks with intersex features.

I would expect most intersexed folks would have a great deal of understanding of the uniqueness and in-between-ness of sexuality for similar people, and the challenges and joys of being with someone who has those features.

Perhaps transsexual or transgendered people would also be a source of support for her?

This may or may not sound like a strange idea, but -- What about asking nearby medical centers, universities, and special needs volunteer organizations? They would be another source of contacts for support groups. -- I say that, because it is true for anyone with special needs. It is in no way intended to be harsh. I know from personal experience how much those folks can help someone to lead a productive and happy life.

There are support communities for intersexed folks and for aspies. There aref olks who appreciate special needs, even outside those groups.

I'd urge you also to try other forums and keep searching. -- Others here can contribute ideas as well.

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