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What a cool little vignette! So much implied and not said...sometimes suggestion is so much more powerful than statement, and this is one of those times.

This is how a short story should be--spare and economical, with every word chosen to effect how the reader pervceives the story. Nice work.



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how the reader pervceives

:shock: ooh' date=' those extra letters will getcha every time! :lol: hehehe, pardon, Dr. Freud, your slip is showing. :p :)


And now that I've read Cowboy my teasing comment to aj doesn't seem to fit; it seems almost disrespectful of the spirit of the story.

Gabe, you've written something nice about a highway child Cowboy and a Tigger, one foster brother who's finally found a home to fit into, and another with brotherhood and friendship to give.

One thing visiting forums has brought home to me, is the real human scope behind those scary statistics: being accepted, belonging, fitting in, finding a way to be yourself, to make something out of yourself.

I think I'll have to think on this one and read it again to see if I missed something. Good job, Gabe. Keep writing, prose and poems.

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Guest rusticmonk86

Thanks AJ and Blue for your comments already. I didn't know how this story would be received. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Admitedly, I'm past writing stories for the time being (school keeps me very busy and life leaves me with only strands of thoughts to rhyme.) So It's great to see a story that I wrote a few years ago listed getting positive feedback. It's one of my favorite stories, too.

Next on the list to-be-published should be "Carrot Cake". Another vignette featuring an anthropomorphic lynx and wolf on another lazy weekend day.

As for "Beer and Camping", I have re-written it, but haven't the time to edit it. So, if anyone reading this would like to help me by editing it with me, I would be greatly appreciative. It's only four pages.

Anyway, off to the GLOBE (Gay and Lesbians Organized for Betterment and Equality) awards.


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