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Grasshopper has Created Another Great Short


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I've been a fan of Aeschylus for some 20+ years now (my goodness time after college does go quickly - the ever-popular Classical Lit degree) and a fan of Grasshoppers for less than a year. I'm sending the link on to my college-mentor-now-friend as I imagine she will like not only the story, but the modern use of Aeschylus.

I hope both their works are still being read 2000 years from now !

The basis of the story has gotten to be a popular quote lately !

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So, I thought I should explain my cryptic comment about the quote becoming popular lately. (Not to mention that it has been driving me nuts sinfe my last post as to why it was so recently familiar.

PBS's recent broadcast of American Experience:RFK was the culprit. One segment in the rather well-done documentary, is entited "The Awful Grace of God." After JFK's death, RFK apparently found some degree of solace in reading Aeschlus and that quote was his favorite passage. He quoted it in a rather famous extemporaneous speech the night martin Luther King Jr was assasinated.


is the link for anyone interested.

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