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Coming Down

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The rain is coming down in buckets outside

And I think the best way I could spend tonight is alone

Headphones on?

Music blaring as loud as I can stand it

With the rain coming down in buckets outside

Candles lit

Incense smoking


The taste of wine on my lips

Lying glossy-eyed on my floor

Letting the music penetrate my skull

So loud and so intense

That it vibrates to my very soul.

And the rain coming down in buckets outside

Like the running tones and melodies

Drowning out the world around me

And the drifting smoke like curling echoes of harmony

Am I hallucinating now?

The music is flowing, hanging, pulsing.

And the rain is coming down in buckets outside

While I?m breathing, sighing, pulsing.

Patter on the glass or a patter in my pulse?

Veins rushing, pumping, flushing

And my skin feels on fire

But the music in my ears

Is dousing me in water

As the flames are climbing higher

Up in to my brain

And outside it?s still coming down in buckets

Coming down as rain.

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