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Finally back on-line !!

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Yep, the long-winded guy from SoCal is back, and I know you've been anxiously waiting, too ! (Well, perhaps in the "Land of Not")


Now in the Bay Area, but I'm going to be lazy and not change the profile name.

Hope everyone is well. Looks like I have a LOT of reading to catch up on, so will get right toi it.

BTW - is Dewey's forum down temporarily? Couldn't access it a bit ago. As I am using a new com, new DSL connect etc., I question my end (no jokes) first. (Plus a new wireless keyboard and mouse, so pardon any typing errors.) For the geeks amongst us, using the Gyration mouse which you can actually use in the air - no mousepad needed !


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RP -- Welcome back!

Dewey's forum and site are in transition. They've been moved, but they are working out some bugs in the new surroundings. They are working hard to get things resolved.

Keep trying, you'll get in. They've been getting reports (and have threads to report) of various things like slow speeds, timeouts, and not-founds.

Again, nice to see you back. Yes, there's good new stuff around Dude's site.

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