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This Title Has More Words Than It Deserves [...]

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This is dedicated to everything I wrote in middle school.

[This Title Has More Words Than It Deserves And None Of Them Relate To The Content]

Things sound more profound

When formatted in haiku:

Behold, pretension!

Bastardized Latin

Will give it authority:

Ego, praetension!

Something self-loathing

To be edgy and moving:

Curse my pretensions!

Add in a swear word

For the sake of offending:

Fuck, I?m pretentious!

Re-align the text

To make it more intriguing:

........................And more.................................pretentious.

But don?t follow rules,

Break the established pattern:

I?m much too pretentious to follow the standard form of haiku!

How do you like that, tradition?

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Applauding wildly,

English major, these reading,

Critic pretentious!

:laughs: It's alarming how much of what I've read in school and after was pretentious. Even more alarming, I wrote some of it. :blush: OK, they were local ads, reports, and such; you know, stuff that's supposed to be pretentious. But still....

Thanks for writing a haiku paean to pretentiousness! <-- Note pretentious big words. ;)

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