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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

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Welcome to AwesomeDude, colinian (and Doug too). You guys have a good time at Pride.

Hey everyone, be proud every day of what makes you unique. Share that loving and acceptance.

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It's a bit late :oops: but here's a brief recap of the SF Gay Pride parade on June 25, 2006:

Doug and I took BART into SF so we'd be there around 10:30, the start of the parade. Last year we went to Civic Center, but it was so jammed we had a hard time seeing the parade. This year we decided to be closer to the start.

IMO, last year's parade was more outladish costume-wise (especially lack thereof!) than this year's. There were a lot fewer naked bits being exposed. But maybe that was because we were a long way from Castro St.

I wish I'd brought my camera. But after last year where we couldn't get close enough to use it, I decided to leave it home.

The crowds were great, and we were impressed by the number of people who brought their kids, and a lot of them appeared to be hetro couples. A lot of the spectators were wearing Giant's and A's caps and shirts because there was an afternoon game the day of the parade. It looked like a lot of the fans came early to see the parade, then walked or took Muni to the ballpark.

The TV news reported that the SF police estimated there were 500,000 spectators at the parade. The SF Chronicle reported there were over 1,000,000 spectators, but didn't give a source for that information. It seemed to us that it was more crowded than last year. When we took BART back to Walnut Creek the trains were standing room only.


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