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News and Views-July 2, 2006

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News & Views July 2, 2006

Hey, Guys and Dolls!

It?s Tragic Rabbit again, AD Story Editor, here to update you on AD News and my quirky Views for the first week of July, 2006. [Opinions expressed here are mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of Awesome Dude Admin as a whole.] Pride Month is over but that doesn?t mean you have to stop being Proud of who you are and who you love. Keep loving yourself and you?ll be that much more lovable to folks around you!

As you may or may not know, the Awesome Dude website has moved to a different domain, much like His Dudeness himself, and it?s one we hope will allow quicker loads and happier AD campers. Please let us know if you experience any problems, have any questions?or if you just want to give us kisses and candy now that your pages load faster.

Onward and upward?

This week, alas, we have no new short fiction. Authors, really, if you have something short and sweet lying about that you?d like us to take a look at, please send it to story-editor@awesomedude.com. However, we do have a double carload of great chapter updates for your enjoyment!

Born To Be A Missionary by Jerry Miller, the new and semi-auto-biographical work by our new and exclusive AD author (Behind the Silver Screen, Love and Death in Venice) Jerry has another great chapter for you this week. Now, these chapters are not small and if you?ve been reading this sexy romance about gay Mormon missionaries, you won?t want to miss this brand new Part Three! Sure, we all think those cute LDS boys on bikes are hot, but Jerry writes from experience as well as the heart, he?s been a lifelong gay Mormon. If you?ve left this one so far, now is a great time to start reading Born To Be A Missionary by Jerry Miller. If you?re enjoying the story, please take a moment to email Jerry and let him know!


From BTBM, Part Three:

The door was closed and a note was taped to it. I put down my bag, reached for the envelope and opened it. A nicely typed letter was inside:

"Jamie, my one true love, you have entered into my house and if I know you, you were expecting me to jump your bones when you walked in. Surprise. I didn't.

I am waiting for you, but you will have to find my tool somewhere in the house. There is only one thing you have to do first before you look for me.... take off all your clothes, you must be naked?

Professional Courtesy by Jack Scribe concludes this week with Chapter 11, IT AIN?T THE CLEAVERS! Jack, author of Other Avenues here at AD, has finished up his latest story with fantastic final chapter full of sexy fireworks and a new romantic development between Brian and Eric. How will it all end? Find out this week in Chapter 11 of Professional Courtesy by Jack Scribe! Don?t forget to post in the Forums or email Jack to let him know what you think!


From PC, Ch 11:

?From everything you hear about teenagers and the cruelty that some junior homophobes inflict when confronting gay boys, I?d say Billy is lucky to have Mike for a friend,? Brian added, nodding his head.

?Yeah, Mike?s solid. The way Billy is developing his body and karate skills, I?d say that he could kick the shit out of most guys if they gave him any grief. The kid has become very proficient in karate, I?m told.?

?There you go: a gay jock and a shit-kicker,? Brian added with a chuckle.

Someday Out Of The Blue by LittleBuddhaTW, Chapter 10 is up at AD! What have Conner and the boys been up to since Chapter 9? Find out this week and then let LittleBuddha know that you're reading his story.


From SOOTB, Ch 10:

"Do you wanna come over today and maybe spend the night?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess so ... if it's alright," he replied.

"I bet you'd really like Ryan's younger brother, Toby. He's really sweet ... and cute," I said, trying to imitate one of Ryan's patented winks.

Cody giggled. "What makes you think I care if he's cute?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I dunno. Just a hunch, I guess."

Love and Death in Venice by Jerry Miller, Chapter 8 is online! Yes, Jerry is working on more than one serial story and this one?s a whole different experience. In the dull environs of Venice (Florida, USA, not Italy!), Dan ponders what to write?and why, then figures it out with a little help from his friends. Read Chapter 8 of Love and Death in Venice at AD! Don?t forget to email Jerry to let him know you?re reading, he ain?t psychic, guys!


From L&DiV Ch 8:

?You should write about it,? Brady said.

?I finished my second story. I really have no idea what the next one would be.?

?Do this one.?

?I don?t know if I can.?

?You need closure,? he said.

?Write about Chase and me?? I asked. ?Yeah? I know I still ramble on about him with you.?

?Dan, you need to move on.?

The Garden by Nevius, Chapter 9 is up and waiting for you at AD! What have our lusty Dan and Pete been up to? No guesses, no hints, you?ve gotta read Chapter 9 to find out!


From Garden Ch 9:

I almost?almost kissed you then. Then when you were in that La-Z-Boy and I came back from takin? a piss and you slapped the seat to come sit with you I thought I was going to cream in my pants right then and there! So I slid down and put my arm around you! Oh man, it was so fuckin? tough to sit there for ten minutes and not molest you?Then you said you loved VW Beetles and loved anyone who loved them too as you were lookin? directly at me. Bingo! I kissed you. Then that chill came back and terror struck me. I thought I was going to die!

Sealing Our Fate by Josh, Chapter 8 is here! Yes, that author we all love, Josh, creator of The Least of These and past master of passionate prose, has brought us the next installment on his current sexy serial, Sealing Our Fate.

Baseball, fishing, boyhood friendship and a two-way three-way?and that?s just the start of this redhot chapter!

Find out what Kipper and Stick are ?up? to with Jason-read Chapter 8 right now!

Read Chapter 8 of Sealing Our Fate and drop a line to Josh, letting him know how much you appreciate his efforts.


From SOF Ch 8:

?Look, Jase,? I said, leaning forward. ?I don?t know what you might think about guys doing stuff together and all. I don?t know what you think about Kipper and me, but??

?I like you,? he interrupted, leaning forward like I had. He reeled slowly in.

?Oh? well that?s good, because we really like you.?

He flashed me a smile and then cast again. ?But you guys aren?t like gay, right? I mean, you like girls, right? I mean, you like Colleen and my sister.?

I nodded. ?Yeah. We like girls; at least Colleen and your sister. Truth is, we like you more.?

LAIKA by Elecivil, Chapter 10 ?The Importance of Being Alex? is ready for you here at Awesome Dude.

Our local poet and maestro of perfect prose, Elecivil, has served up yet another delicious dish of LAIKA and we know you?re hungry for it! Find out what a tangled web Alex has been weaving, and just what the boys think of it, in Chapter 10 of LAIKA!


From LAIKA Ch 10:

He was trying to play me, but I wasn?t having it. Not after that night in the basement. Not after this.

I shook my head and started to walk away, but he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, forcefully. Then, before I knew it, his lips were on mine.

Now, I understand that how the body reacts to physical stimuli revolves around chemicals and nerve endings and all kinds of stuff that I was supposed to have learned, had I paid better attention in Biology. I understand that my hormone-riddled self couldn?t be blamed if it started stirring, since chemicals and nerve endings, while being very good at what they do, have little consideration for interpersonal relationship-politics. Had I started to kiss him back, I think I probably could have forgiven myself.

Thankfully, I never had to find out, because instead of kissing him back, I shoved him. I put both hands against his chest and pushed, propelling him back a few feet. Not hard enough to do any damage, but hard enough to send a message.

By The Way by Mark Logan, Chapter 24 is online and Chapter 25?s in the wings, waiting, so be sure to catch up with Paul and the guys right away with Chapter 24! Musical sets, major attitude, song creation and a little soul-searching are waiting for you in Chapter 24 of By The Way by Mark Logan!


From BTW Ch 24:

I felt a bit like I was in the twilight zone. We'd really worked hard on all of the material that I'd be singing for the first weekend or so, especially on this particular song. It wasn't the easiest to sing, with a total of three key changes in it, and the last note held for four to five bars. The partners were sounding odd, and yet they still wouldn't tell me what the problem was.

"Can y'all throw me a bone or somethin'? I'm still not understanding... Look, I-I've spent a lot of time...working on this."

Heart Of The Tree by Graeme, Chapter 4 is ready and waiting for you at AD! A barnyard birth scene, a horny girl trying to get into your pants and one seriously confusing campout?just how much can a guy take, especially when he?s hiding who he is? Find out in Chapter 4 of our own Graeme?s highly unusual Aussie tale, Heart of the Tree.


From HOTT Ch 4:

At that point, Matt eased himself out of the group of girls and headed over to join the guys.

?I don?t believe it,? he said, looking dazed. ?What?s with the girls in this town? They?re crawling all over me. Are all the guys here gay or something??

Vince laughed. ?Nah. They?re just being friendly because you?re new, good looking and single. We?re all old news as far as they?re concerned.?

?Yeah, there aren?t any poofs around here,? Rhys said. ?If there were, they?d get run out of town quick, anyway.?


Don?t miss the current Dude?s Picks, either! Novel Pick is Through Different Eyes by Drake Hunter, Short Story Pick is Climbing Bear by Sequoyah.

That?s it for this week?s stories; don?t forget to visit our Forums, post if the mood strikes, and always, always email authors whose work you enjoy!

Enjoy your Fourth of July, if you?re in the States, and if you?re not in the States?be grateful you aren?t in Bush Country. Homeland Security just jacked up ?alert? levels for the holidays and has been busy setting up stings to arrest any and all ?terrorists? on our soil?real or imagined. Anyone with a brain is likely on a list and may soon get a midnight knock on the door?never to be heard from again.

Songster and Willie Nelson pal Kinky Friedman is running for Dubya?s old job, Texas Governor, on the slogan ?How hard can it be??

With Our Leader taking the Japanese PM on a pilgrimage to Graceland, Tennessee?s tacky-glitzy shrine to Elvis Presley, and Veep Cheney making his dramatic entrance at a Nascar race in Air Force II(despite that new pacemaker), you really have to wonder how those two ever got elected.

Oh wait, I know?money talks. And so does the Rabbit?wonder when his politically unsound opinions will get him detained at Guantanamo Bay? Funny how that US Naval Base is by far the scariest and least humane place in Cuba these days, ain?t it?

Well, no matter what Israel and Palestine are up to, or how sane O. bin Laden is starting to sound, and even if the shuttle Discovery never does solve its buzzard and rainstorm glitches, you can always find something wonderful to read and take you away from the world, right here at Awesome Dude!

Read, read and read some more?and don?t forget to email the authors to show your appreciation.

Be Proud, Be Kind, Be Happy?and have a wonderful week!


Tragic Rabbit

Email me at tr@tragicrabbit.org

Contact Awesome Dude Admin for questions or submissions at:

Story Editor - Tragic Rabbit ? story-editor@awesomedude.com

Poetry Editor ? RusticMonk86 ? poetry-editor@awesomedude.com

The Great and Awesome Dude ? dude@awesomedude.com


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