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News & Views-- July 24, 2006

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This looks to be a bang up week at AD!

We are in for a rare treat as two of our authors have delivered long awaited and much anticipated updates to their widely followed stories!

This weeks Roll out:

Chapter 20 of Tragic Rabbit's Drama Club

Chapter 4 of WritesByMyself's Another Day In Paradise

Book 2, Chapter 9 of Jamies The Scrolls of Icaria

Chapter 11 of Josh's Sealing Our Fate (final)

Parts 5 & 6 of Jack Scribe's It Stays in Vegas

Chapter 12 of Nevius' The Garden

Chapter 27 of Mark Logan's By The Way

Chapters 14-15 of LittleBuddhaTW Someday Out Of The Blue

Graem's newest Drawn from life Maths & Mazes


Our old friend Grasshopper has been busy. He has a new short story called Whispers From the Past and a new chapter of Just Hit Send at IOMFATS.org

Dom Luka has begun a new story at Gayauthors.org called The Other Side of Me.

Dewey has posted chapter 20 of The Power Within at Deweywriter.com

If I missed anyone, and I hope that I didn't, please let everybody know by replying to this thread.

That ought to keep y'all busy for a while. Have a great week!

:geek: :razz:

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Dio, from Gayauthors, recently sent me the first draft of the next chapter of Grey-Eyed Justice, and I'm currently working on it. While it may take a few weeks, this is a chapter you're going to want to check out. If you don't know the story, I gotta tell ya, it's a must-read.

You can find Dio over on GA, as a hosted author.



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