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smile at me and sparkle

bewitch me with your charms

make me forget tomorrow

when I?m within your arms

wrap my hand in your hand

weave spells around my heart

please capture me with kisses

beguile me with dark art

keep me in your prison

chained tight with links of love

torment me with tender touch

as soft as any dove

charm me with your laughter

then tempt me with your fire

oh, leave me aching for you

ensorcelled with desire

voodoo in the morning

and glamour in the night

make me your spellbound prisoner

bedeviled with delight

enchantment comes easy

when I?m alone with you

you conjure up a potion

that is a heady brew

bind me with your magic

or trust me not to go

how much you fascinate me

you just don?t seem to know

high up in your towers

down in your dungeons deep

I dream of you in daytime

I sing you when I sleep

smile your sparkles at me

bewitch me with your spell

and I will never leave you

for you have loved me well


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